Monday Suds: Sanitas Brewing


Sanitas Cover

After we had missed the Prairie Scholars at Sanitas Brewing Company, I had to put it on my list of new Boulder Country Breweries to visit!  When we walked in, I was in love with the space!  It looked like a place straight out of a Food and Wine magazine and the flavors of the six beers on tap did not disappoint!


We walked in and grabbed a few seats at the bar.  On a Friday afternoon at 4:15, the brewery was hosting a food cart, happy hour, and a first time poker game!  I could not believe the number of people in the brewery.  There was a great mix of people and everyone seemed to be a regular.  This brewery has been open for six months and the following is already huge.  If you can’t make it to the brewery, you can find them in your Boulder County beer sellers craft can case.  When we were there, the team was canning a surprise!  (BTW, since leaving, the brewer has posted his secret here!)

After I had a chance to take all six beers, I noticed a pattern.  All of the beers presentated a different flavor than what I was expecting.  And I loved every one!  Some of the beers, like the saison, will be great summer porch drinking beers.  This was far and away my favorite.  It was light and there was a hint of sweet.  This saison didn’t have the sour notes that usually turn me away.  The dark beer that I really enjoyed was the Dark Dream Imperial Cherry Stout.  This beer hit me in a different way.  This was a beer that I wanted to sip and think about.  There were so many layers to uncover with every sip and I wanted to take my time and enjoy each one!  This beer only has Winter availability so I would rush in now to hopefully catch it before it’s gone!

Draft List

An interesting note about the beer menu.  The Barley and other grains are organic.  This is definitely a food trend that is catching on in the beer industry.  We have visited another organic brewery in Boulder County and we weren’t impressed.  If Sanitas Brewing Company can get organic label, I think they will have a beer that will catch the favor of the Colorado crowd.

To find out what great events are going on in this space, check out their site.

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