Day 18… we still haven’t found any coffee

So it’s been 18 days on the cleanse.  There have been a few stumbles but I have held strong against coffee.  Today has been particularly tough.  I woke up wanting a doughnut from Tee and Cakes and a latte!  I don’t feel well and I just want some comfort food and a nap!

Since today is tough, let’s focus on the good stuff!

Of course, this makes me smile


And this!  (I don’t even mind the rain, just look at the numbers!)



And finally, this.


That’s right! Brunch! I am throwing all food rules and cleanse restrictions (except coffee, because I don’t to do that detox again anytime soon!) and enjoying everything the Colterra Brunch menu has to offer!  And then, we are having Easter dinner too.  I can’t wait for Sunday!


If you celebrate Easter, I give you my early “He is Risen” and if you don’t, enjoy your chocolate bunnies and jelly beans!

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