Weekday Suds: What can I get ya? Pouring for Echo Brewing’s 2nd Anniversary!

CAM00746 CAM00747

This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to pour beer for one of my favorite breweries. Echo Brewing and their owners Dennis and Daniel were celebrating their second anniversary! I set up for my shift in the ‘fun beer’ tent. I had the big beers and the firkins!  The big beers were 9% and above and were definitely tasty.  The firkins were both small batch beers with fruit flavors.  These were definitely the crowd favorites.  It was a great time to talk to the party goers and learn about some of the great beers to be tasted!

Also, I learned to never critique someone pouring your beer at a bar or an event!  It’s a lot harder than it looks, folks!


The Slackline competition also made a strong return this year! If you want to learn more about this new sport, check out the info here!  It’s incredible to see what these kids can do and what they aren’t afraid to do!


My favorite beer of the day had to be the Mirror Image IPA with a hint of peach! Just a bit of peach on the nose and in the first sip but after that, a smooth and deliciously bitter IPA.  As I really wasn’t drinking, sipping on this beer was the perfect choice!

Cheers to Dennis and Daniel! I can’t wait to visit the new Erie location and try some new cask and barrel beers!

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