Monday Suds: Why we love City Star (and you should, too!)

Pardon my absence this last week!  Our house has been turned on it’s head once again so that we can get new carpet!  While I love the idea of replacing this, I don’t love the idea of lugging everything to and from the basement…

We took a break yesterday and helped John, Whitney, and the City Star celebrate anniversary #2!  This place has quickly become one of our favorites and now that the road between our house and Berthoud is open again, we have been there more often.CAM00759

Just want to share a few reasons why I love City Star!

1. Great beer!  It didn’t take long after the place opened for us to realize that these guys weren’t playing around.  Every beer has been unique and quality driven from the beginning!  Don’t believe me?  Check out this piece on their GABF medals!


2. Who doesn’t love Berthoud?  You haven’t been?  Hurry up and head north of Longmont!  Berthoud has a brewery, a distillery, and some cute little restaurants!  And it’s not as far as you think.

3. The team doesn’t take themselves too seriously!  Everyone has a good time and really seems to enjoy being there.  Don’t believe me?  Even the bathroom art was enjoying the party yesterday!


4. The new deputy mugs are pretty awesome!  Last year, the City Star team introduced the Deputy program!  This is an opportunity to throw your support behind your favorite brewery!  The Husband and I hopped in early last year and I was the first to put my name on the list!  And this year, we have upgraded from fancy pints to stand out mugs!  You can still sign up!  You just have to stop by the brewery and get signed up!


5.  And finally, City Star is always giving back to Colorado and their family!  Frequently, they are donating their space, a portion of the proceeds, or their time to help make their community better.  Hops and Harley is next on the calendar on June 29th.  You can find details (and a cute picture of Harley) here!


CAM00757 CAM00758

Congrats to John and Whitney and the whole City Star team!  You are all amazing and you deserve all the success in the world!


Kim, the Wondering Twenty Something

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