Five Friday things!

#1 Most important piece of business this week is that I got my GABF tickets!  Don’t know about GABF.  Check it out here! And just in case, here’s my recap from last year.



#2 We are going to see the Prairie Scholars tonight at the Waterfront Grille in Estes Park.  The menu looks great.  My goal is to try something adventurous tonight.  Game anyone?

#3 I think my tiredness from last week’s work trip has finally caught up with me. It’s been so hard to crawl out of bed the last two mornings.  Hoping a weekend of rest and fresh air will cure me!  But the work trip was great!  I mean, who can complain about a trip that involves big boats, golfing, and cocktail parties?


#4  Have you seen this video?  I shared it with everyone I could.  Melts your heart (and makes me want another puppy!)

#5 We are planning our wine country trip.  Can’t believe it’s already around the corner!


We were there with family two full years ago and we had an amazing time.  We are going to the Indy Car race and back to some of our favorites.  Any Russian River suggestions?  I will glad take any and all wine, beer, hike, and tourist stops that we must do!  Email me any suggestions at kemerselis (at) gmail dot com!


and with that, TGIF!

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