A family vacation!

So the Husband, the pup, and I made the 13 hour trek home after work on Friday!  While it was an exhausting trip, it was completely worth it!!  We ate good food, had great family time, when shopping, plenty of time by the pool, and a sunburn to top it off!  We were so tiredContinue reading “A family vacation!”

Our (kind of) epic bike ride!

Before all the craziness of the family wedding starts in a few days, the Husband and I took advantage of the 85 degree day and the beautiful sunshine on Sunday and decided to conquer the St. Vrain Greenway.  I keep thinking that this bike ride is longer than it actually is so when I checkedContinue reading “Our (kind of) epic bike ride!”

So far 2011 is a mixed bag

So 2011… Kicked it off with a not so exciting night.  The Husband had to wake me and the puppy up for New Years.  At least I made it to East Coast Midnight!  Watched a lot of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin and passed out… Next we found out that we were not going toContinue reading “So far 2011 is a mixed bag”