BHBC presents: Here I Go Again

When presented with the opportunity to read and write about Jen Lancaster’s book, I was ecstatic.  I have been reading her blog and her books for a while.  I devoured every memoir.  As you can see, some of them are on loan.  Too good not to share. When she let her fans know that sheContinue reading “BHBC presents: Here I Go Again”

BHBC Presents: The Willpower Instinct

And I’m not talking about the race car driver Will Power, even though he is good at his job and some would argue that he has great racing instincts… Anyway, now that everyone has had the chance to gather their resolutions and goals for 2013 it’s time to talk about sticking to them.  How doContinue reading “BHBC Presents: The Willpower Instinct”

BlogHer Book Club Presents: Daring Greatly

What an amazing perspective!  As I read this book, all I could say to myself is “Hey, that’s me!”.  For the majority of the book, Brené Brown addresses our culture as a whole, hitting the nail on the head every time.  She addresses the ways that shame and vulnerability creep into our homes, our marriages,Continue reading “BlogHer Book Club Presents: Daring Greatly”