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What a day!

So today we got off to a slow start but things got rolling quickly.  We did a shopping trip to Sam’s and the Natural Grocer’s.


Everyone should support their local small grocer!  It’s great because we find all of the snacks we love and everything is priced so great!  We can get just about every staple for our weekly menu without breaking the bank.  Kind of like Trader Joe’s but local!

We did find Herbert’s Lemonade.  The Husband says that it tastes just like fresh squeezed lemonade!  SOOO good!


Our Sam’s Club membership expires tomorrow so we had to stock up on fish and paper products.  Our chest freezer is now completely stocked and ready for winter.

The big project of the day was painting.  Once we got everything taped off, I got started.  I am so sore now but I think it was worth it.  There is still some touch up to do but our bathroom has gone from a yellowey cream to a shade of Granite Dust.


This week is cleaning week!  I am also setting the goal to be at the gym at least 4 times this week.  Two of those visits will be in the pool.  We will also be testing out some Thanksgiving dishes this week.

What are your plans?


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Hello Wednesday!

I cannot believe that it is only 6:30.  It is pitch dark outside and I am in my pajamas already.

With my day off I starting my painting project.  So ready to go!!  Don’t you love my t-shirt?


The Husband and I have decided to use the basement shower this week and take it slow on the paint.  I want to make sure that each time we paint, it has plenty of time to dry and cure before I go and stick painter’s tape over it. 

Does this bathroom look useable?


I have had too many issues in the past with painter’s tape that I don’t want anything to happen to our Granite Dust paint!

I did run some errands and get my car washed today.  I love the full service car wash!!  Main Street Car Wash does such a good job and I got to play with some cute puppies while I waited! 

It was a mildly lazy day and it was so nice to have a mid week break from work.  Tomorrow it’s back to the grind (and another coat of paint in the evening).  How was your Wednesday?


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