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I’m back from the dead

It feels like I have been living in a gray fog since Sunday night.  Last weekend I was able to spend the weekend with this cutie, and of course the rest of the family!  Isn’t she cute??

CAM00856 CAM00854 CAM00855

What I didn’t expect was for the Iowa weather to trigger my Iowa allergies.  I have been recovering all week from a massive sinus infection that came with two ear infections as well! I can’t remember the last time my allergies knocked me out this hard.  Luckily (note the sarcasm), I am getting on a plane tomorrow for a work trip the Big Easy!

Hopefully one more night of sleep and a few more doses of my meds will have me feeling much better.  Back on Monday with some beer travels and hopefully I can share some NOLA pictures with you too!

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A simple appetizer plate and a giveaway!

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to visit Fresca Foods and 34 Degrees.


We got the opportunity to see the super secret process of how these ultra thin crackers are made and we were even able to try some brand new, not even available yet flavors.  If everything goes according to plan, these 2 new flavors should be available to snack on later this summer.  The best part of my visit was bringing home the snacks to share with my family.

We regularly have the Husband’s parents over for dinner and I thought a quick appetizer plate would be a great way to round out the Chicken Ceasar salads!  I ran out for some supplies and got started.



One of the best part of these crackers is that they go with everything!  They are thin but sturdy crackers so they can hold up to all kinds of toppings.  I had all four flavors to sample but my favorite was definitely the rosemary!


I laid out a few samples of cucumbers and goat cheese on wheat and salami, cheese, and tomato on the natural.  Of course, I just put all of the options on some plates and let everyone create what they wanted.  We had a great time trying different flavors and combinations.  The 34 Degree crackers were definitely the star and we polished off most of the samples.


Do you want to win your own 34 Degrees Crackers?  Just enter my letting me know your favorite go to summer appetizer below!  The winner will be selected on May 28th! 

Bonus entries for following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Just let me know you did with a comment below!

**Crackers were provided by 34 Degrees but all opinions are my own**



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Easter 2014 in Snapshots

Easter 2014 was spent outside!  We did brunch, we walked the dog, we hit some balls, we saw a band (at a brewery on Easter!), and we ended with dessert by the fire.  An almost perfect day!  Here’s a few snapshots to share!

CAM00729  CAM00731 CAM00732 CAM00733 CAM00734  CAM00737 CAM00738 CAM00739 CAM00740 CAM00742

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Wordless Wednesday: Shower of Pink

Copy of IMG_4402 Copy of IMG_4404 Copy of IMG_4409 Copy of IMG_4412 Copy of IMG_4414 Copy of IMG_4417 Copy of IMG_4422 Copy of IMG_4425 Copy of IMG_4547 IMG_4480 IMG_4532

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Just dropping in

To say Merry Christmas.  It has been an exciting few days with the family.  Enjoy time with your loved ones!



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Life is too short

So today I was going to share a little bit of boring minutia when something big happened.

Today I found out that we lost someone near and dear to us last night.  It was unexpected and I am still in shock.

Today I was reminded that life is too short to be apart from the ones you love.  Life is too short to do things that make you unhappy.  And life is too short to let the petty things get you down.

So today, hug your loved ones and do something incredible.  Because life is too short to have regrets.

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Friday Five

I can’t believe it’s been about 6 weeks since we last cooked on a real stove! I think tonight I might boil some water and make a stir fry! While we weren’t intending the replacement to take this long, things just got stacked up. We have had a couple of weeks of creative cooking (and baking). Which meal would be your first order of business??

I’ve always loved Chicago and I would definitely move here if the circumstances were right. And by the right circumstances, I mean that the Earth’s axis would need to shift and the Midwest winter would need to not exist…

We have had so many great opportunities to visit some great places and try some new styles of beer. We stopped by 12 Degrees yesterday. I will definitely bring you the full run down on Monday!

I’ve loved everything by Joyce Carol Oates. This particular book has been my go to for travel this week. It is such an intricate story with some amazing imagery. If you haven’t picked up one of her books, I highly recommend them for a great summer read!

For the first time in quite a while, we have nothing set in stone this weekend! Our house is in need of a scrub as are our cars. We are thinking about biking and hiking. We will also be brewing this weekend! But the best part is that we have nothing with a deadline, no RSVP’s to make good on, and the potential for a bit of rain. Might be nice to sleep in tomorrow…

What made you smile this week?

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