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My end of week thoughts on Arbonne


Why you won’t be seeing a lot of food (or beer) in my Instagram feed this month.

For a long time, I said I wouldn’t buy into the gimmicks.  I wasn’t going to pick a diet trend that wasn’t going to be a long term solution.  But then after exercise and watching what I eat, I wasn’t see any changes.  And then there were several months of over indulging and now, honestly, my pants aren’t that comfortable.  So a lady I know from Left Hand told me about Arbonne.  It’s a comprehensive program for 30 days.  It’s a smoothie with their protein powder for breakfast and lunch, B Vitamin and Guarana Fizzy Sticks to add to water, candy like chews for the sweet tooth, and a full complement of fiber, digestion aids, and chromium.  Seems like a lot of powders and not a lot of real food.  I can stil have healthy snacks and dinner is on me!


How am I feeling?

Four days in and the caffeine headaches are slowing (no coffee or alcohol  on this plan) and I am surprisingly not hungry all the time.  The hardest part for me is waiting long enough to have dinner so that I am not starving at 7:00 PM with no options.  I have been creative with the smoothies this week and I think I will settle into a routine of a handful of combos that I like.  For now, the satiety part is working.  What am I missing?  The social glass of wine at happy hour and the tasty cheese and crackers with the in laws before dinner at their house.  These are the things that got me here and by dropping them cold turkey, I have really been dancing on my own last nerve.  What I do know is that it will be better for me in the long run to re-introduce them in moderation and in the right way.

4 days down and 26 to go…

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What I learned skiing at Copper

This is my fourth winter in Colorado.  Every winter, we buy a set of passes for Eldora and I rent skis.  Once we get up to our tiny mountain on my sub par skis, I have a moderately cruddy time and turn in early.  I ski because it’s what the Husband wants to do and who am I to disappoint?  At least until it’s about lunch time…

Anyway, this year the Husband wanted to try something else.  We rented skis from a different vendor and headed up towards Summit County and Copper Mountain. We rented a condo and we were ready to go bright and early.  I studied the run map before we went to bed and woke up with knots in my stomach.  I didn’t think I was ready for this.


Lessson number 1, I was ready to tackle a bigger mountain!  I only fell a few times.  Unlike most times before, it wasn’t a frustrating experience to get my skis back on.  I got up and got going again!  We took a few breaks on the way down to correct my form and to re-discover my confidence but we made it!  I stuck to the same lift the entire time we were there and tried to stick to mainly the same runs down so that I would know what to expect.  I needed to feel comfortable for us to make it to the bottom without wiping out hard.  We skied all day with a brief stop for lunch.  Next time, I might get a little more adventurous and try something new but was my first time at Copper, I felt pretty accomplished.


Lesson number 2 of the day is the important one.  Know your limits!  I messed up my knee while I was in college and the left side definitely gets a little worn out more easily.  When I ski, my tired knee generally means less control of my left ski and more wipe outs.  When you feel like you are done, be done, or at least take a well deserved break.  Pushing yourself is good, but don’t push to injury.  Luckily, the Husband could see the concern on my face and knew that I needed to call it a day!

With the new confidence, bright snow green pants, and great day I found out that I may actually enjoy skiing.  20140216_135800

I will definitely be back to try it out again (any suggestions on places we have to go to?).  Once we were off the mountain, it was time to vacation my way!  We stayed the night at the Ameristar in Blackhawk and gambled the night away.  3 days of Colorado getaway was exactly the way for us to spend Valentine’s day weekend.

By the way, currently writing this on my flight home to Iowa for my little sister’s baby shower!  I’ve got an empty seat next to me and a little room to get the computer out!  A little R&R and family time is needed and I can’t wait to share all of the (pink) details.

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So I’ve seen your Holiday Essentials Guide

And I am completely confused…

Usually at this point in the year, the holiday shopping is done and the cards are ready to be put in the mail.  But we have had a really tough two weeks and I think we are just starting to catch our breath.  And now that we are getting caught up, I have realized that I only have 2.5 weeks to get my list complete.  At least I have my cards nearly ready to hit the mailbox.

Before things got hectic, we sat down and made our holiday budget and that was it.  We grabbed a gift for my sister because she is pretty easy to shop for our first weekend and said we would finish it the next trip out.  So now I am looking for help! If anyone has Santa’s direct number, pass along his number.

What do you get your family for Christmas?  Everyone in our house has a piece of Left Hand gear and I am not making a coupon book of DIY junk…  I want to get them tangible gifts that mean something.  We are looking at some fun gift baskets for those we don’t see all year like this one but the games included are so lame (who plays checkers?) and some night out packages for those who need a date night.  And after hearing this heated debate on NPR, the gift card without some thought is out as well. 

And I haven’t even started on the Husband’s gift.  Definitely want to spoil him this year as he has had some rough weeks but I might just keep my fingers crossed and buy a big red bow for a new car!

With two weeks left, what should we get?

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It’s time to Yoga (or just get moving!)

After several days of restful vacation (one very ungraceful fall down the stairs in the pool), it’s time for the Husband and I to get back into the swing of things. As I have told you before, we are planners so the workouts get scheduled as well. Let me tell you what I’m up to this week!

Monday – Took Maggie for a short walk to ease back in.

Can't we just stay on the couch?

Can’t we just stay on the couch?

Tuesday – Still recovering from pain in my hip and derriere so it was another Maggie walk. 2.5 miles today

Wednesday – Trying out a new Yoga studio. I won a free month of yoga a while back (almost two months) and I still haven’t used it. I can’t wait to get in there and stretch everything out. I’ll have to let you know how everything goes

Thursday – Looks like this is my running day this week. I kind of fell off the running track after the BolderBoulder but I’m ready to get going again. I have a feeling that this will be slow… very slow.


Friday – Quick Fitness Blender in the morning and a dog walk.  Have you seen these people on YouTube?  Really liking the format.

Saturday – TRAVEL DAY. Heading to Chicago for a few days. Hopefully the hotel I’m at has a workable gym.


As you can probably tell, I’ve noticed that my clothes are tighter than I’d like (and it’s not the washer/dryer’s fault) and I don’t want anyone to see me in a swimsuit. I’m ready to get my act together and shed my extra layer. Hopefully I can keep you posted with some positive progress. Definitely not a weight loss blog but I feel that professing things out loud helps me to focus.

Any tips for mixing up your workouts?


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The real story about my BolderBoulder

The 2012 BolderBoulder came and went.  I wasn’t interested in running, crowds, or a cold (and some say refreshing) Michelob Ultra. Then last summer I ran jogged a 5k and I thought I could tackle this 10k event.  I got laced up and packed my CamelBak and I was off.  And while I finished the course, I’m not sure I tackled it.

Looks like I’m doing pretty good here, right?  I think that this was one of the last points that I felt ok… the day before the race I had taken care of myself.  I had eaten well, avoided drinking alcohol, and had plenty of water.  What I didn’t count on was tripping over my own feet and causing myself some ankle pain. 


I told myself that the ankle pain was merely in my head and I was trying to give myself a way out.  So I lined up in my group and waited nervously as we started getting towards the front.  My first mile was ok, nothing to brag about.  And in mile 2, my ankle started to hurt.  I took plenty of walk breaks and continued.  I was finding every sprinkler along the course and enjoying myself.  By the time mile 3 came around, I was dying.  There was no shade on the course and I was starting to get hot.  I texted the family and let them know I was way behind my expected pace and not to worry, I would finish.  I found them around the mile 5 marker and I just wanted to stop.


After this very flattering photo, I hugged the Husband and told him to look for me at the end.  Lots of good lucks later and I was off again.  When we got near the stadium, I started to notice I wasn’t sweating anymore.  Tell tale sign that I was done for… the heat sickness was on it’s way.  As we got ready to hit the stadium entrance, I got goosebumps.  I’m not sure if it was from the excitement or the heat but I was ready to be done.  You can’t beat the crowd at the stadium!  I gave it all I had and crossed the line, grabbed my bag, and found my family.

I spent the rest of the day recovering from just six miles… It was so hot and I was so tired.  Needless to say, I had one sip of my Michelob and tossed it in the recycling.  I am so glad that I can check the BolderBoulder off my list.  I’ve been sick from heat in the past so I knew it was important to go home and take care of myself.  I’m not sure if I would do the BolderBoulder again, but I might work at improving my 5k time at this point instead! 

A few things about recovering from heat sickness (from

What is the treatment for heat exhaustion?

  • Cooling and rehydration are the cornerstones for treating heat exhaustion. The affected individual should stop their activity and then move from the hot environment to a cooler environment. The person may be placed in the shade or taken to an air conditioned environment (don’t forget that cars have air conditioning). Clothes may be removed to help with air circulation across the body. Misting the skin with cool water also helps by stimulating evaporation and cooling the body.
  • Rehydration is the next important step in treating heat exhaustion. This may be a challenge if the person begins to suffer from nausea and vomiting. Small sips of water, a mouthful at a time, might be tolerated even if some vomiting persists. Water, sports drink and other electrolyte replacement drinks are reasonable options.
  • If oral rehydration fails or if symptoms persist, intravenous fluids may be required to replace the water loss because of the excessive sweating. Hydration continues until the patient begins to urinate, a signal that the kidneys have sensed that there is enough fluid in the body, and it no longer retains fluid.
  • Muscles cramps and pain may be treated with over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen.



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Friday 5!

1. I saw this TED talk on Katie’s blog the other day. It’s about taking charge of your 20’s and making them count! Really inspired and I have ordered her book. I will let you know how it is!



2. This is our new baby! It’s a Mini Cooper Roadster and it’s so much fun! The car is a two seater convertible with almost no function, unless you count being fun to drive (and ride around in). She doesn’t have a name yet. Any suggestions?

3. We had such a blast going out on the town last night! Thank you all for your kind notes and words. It was a very special day.

4. I’m also loving our beautiful weather this weekend! Time to get out and hike. Colorado is great for that kind of thing. I think we are going to hit up Royal Arch this weekend.

And finally #5! It’s flower planting weekend at our house. Everything’s purchased and it’s time to get my hands dirty. We have given up on vegetables this year so I am going try my green black thumb at more pretty things. We may also look at putting out more patio bricks and getting a new table for outside… what do you think of this set?

What’s making you smile this week? Enjoy the weekend and have a drink on the patio for me!



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What I love Wednesday

I had such an amazing time spending time with the Husband’s parents! We spent some great time trying beers and tasty foods. We also took them out for hikes on both Friday and Saturday. I just thought I would share some of my favorite photos from our Saturday hike at Mt. Sanitas. A little description of the trail from OSMP:

Mount Sanitas Trail is a moderate to difficult trail which meanders both sides of the ridge leading to the summit of Mount Sanitas. The southern portion of the trail is utilized as an access by climbers to several bouldering areas along the trail. Access points to these bouldering areas are clearly marked and we ask your cooperation that you only boulder in designated areas. This trail also provides beautiful views to both the east and west.”

Such a great hike and definitely a triumph for the Husband’s zero elevation parents to tackle!

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