What I love Wednesday

I had such an amazing time spending time with the Husband’s parents! We spent some great time trying beers and tasty foods. We also took them out for hikes on both Friday and Saturday. I just thought I would share some of my favorite photos from our Saturday hike at Mt. Sanitas. A little descriptionContinue reading “What I love Wednesday”

Half way there!

So it’s Wednesday.  Completely bummed because when I woke up and drove to work, I thought it was Thursday… Anyway, there isn’t a lot going on this end.  We still have some snow on the ground but the temps are climbing so I didn’t have to pack a super warm coat today.  We’ve been cleaning/sorting/organizingContinue reading “Half way there!”

Some midweek confessions…

What I think about at end of yoga At the end of my favorite yoga class the instructor always asks us to imagine ourselves in the most comfortable place.  She asks us to enjoy the water, the clouds, or to sink into the sand.  All I can think about is sinking deeper into a featherContinue reading “Some midweek confessions…”