Day 18… we still haven’t found any coffee

So it’s been 18 days on the cleanse.  There have been a few stumbles but I have held strong against coffee.  Today has been particularly tough.  I woke up wanting a doughnut from Tee and Cakes and a latte!  I don’t feel well and I just want some comfort food and a nap! Since todayContinue reading “Day 18… we still haven’t found any coffee”

My end of week thoughts on Arbonne

Why you won’t be seeing a lot of food (or beer) in my Instagram feed this month. For a long time, I said I wouldn’t buy into the gimmicks.  I wasn’t going to pick a diet trend that wasn’t going to be a long term solution.  But then after exercise and watching what I eat,Continue reading “My end of week thoughts on Arbonne”

Monday Suds: Coopersmiths

With a little time to kill in Ft. Collins, the Husband and I found ourselves at CooperSmith’s.  This was a brewpub with a full bar, beers made in house, and a tasty menu.  I ordered a flight of CooperSmith’s beer and found a tasty chili beer, a fantastic brown, and three sodas made in house. Continue reading “Monday Suds: Coopersmiths”