A Tasty Treat on the go: Sambazon Smoothies

      I was contacted by Sambazon to try out their new smoothie products.  We have used their basic Acai juice in a lot of our smoothies so I thought that this was a great opportunity.  I am always looking for quick breakfast and road trip options.  I had a little bit of aContinue reading “A Tasty Treat on the go: Sambazon Smoothies”

What gets you going? (and a giveaway)

What does it take to get you out of bed in the morning?  A small child, the smell of a great breakfast, a good run, or as Folgers would suggest, a good cup of coffee?  Well, for me, I would say it’s either Maggie ready for a morning gulp of water or me getting readyContinue reading “What gets you going? (and a giveaway)”