What I learned skiing at Copper

This is my fourth winter in Colorado.  Every winter, we buy a set of passes for Eldora and I rent skis.  Once we get up to our tiny mountain on my sub par skis, I have a moderately cruddy time and turn in early.  I ski because it’s what the Husband wants to do andContinue reading “What I learned skiing at Copper”

Some midweek confessions…

What I think about at end of yoga At the end of my favorite yoga class the instructor always asks us to imagine ourselves in the most comfortable place.  She asks us to enjoy the water, the clouds, or to sink into the sand.  All I can think about is sinking deeper into a featherContinue reading “Some midweek confessions…”

Take some time to be selfish

How this all started We joined the Longmont Rec in December and I was immediately drawn to a Saturday morning Yoga class.  It was the perfect time on a Saturday to sleep in a little but not too long.  When I arrived, the class was completely full but everyone seemed content with that.  I slidContinue reading “Take some time to be selfish”