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What I learned skiing at Copper

This is my fourth winter in Colorado.  Every winter, we buy a set of passes for Eldora and I rent skis.  Once we get up to our tiny mountain on my sub par skis, I have a moderately cruddy time and turn in early.  I ski because it’s what the Husband wants to do and who am I to disappoint?  At least until it’s about lunch time…

Anyway, this year the Husband wanted to try something else.  We rented skis from a different vendor and headed up towards Summit County and Copper Mountain. We rented a condo and we were ready to go bright and early.  I studied the run map before we went to bed and woke up with knots in my stomach.  I didn’t think I was ready for this.


Lessson number 1, I was ready to tackle a bigger mountain!  I only fell a few times.  Unlike most times before, it wasn’t a frustrating experience to get my skis back on.  I got up and got going again!  We took a few breaks on the way down to correct my form and to re-discover my confidence but we made it!  I stuck to the same lift the entire time we were there and tried to stick to mainly the same runs down so that I would know what to expect.  I needed to feel comfortable for us to make it to the bottom without wiping out hard.  We skied all day with a brief stop for lunch.  Next time, I might get a little more adventurous and try something new but was my first time at Copper, I felt pretty accomplished.


Lesson number 2 of the day is the important one.  Know your limits!  I messed up my knee while I was in college and the left side definitely gets a little worn out more easily.  When I ski, my tired knee generally means less control of my left ski and more wipe outs.  When you feel like you are done, be done, or at least take a well deserved break.  Pushing yourself is good, but don’t push to injury.  Luckily, the Husband could see the concern on my face and knew that I needed to call it a day!

With the new confidence, bright snow green pants, and great day I found out that I may actually enjoy skiing.  20140216_135800

I will definitely be back to try it out again (any suggestions on places we have to go to?).  Once we were off the mountain, it was time to vacation my way!  We stayed the night at the Ameristar in Blackhawk and gambled the night away.  3 days of Colorado getaway was exactly the way for us to spend Valentine’s day weekend.

By the way, currently writing this on my flight home to Iowa for my little sister’s baby shower!  I’ve got an empty seat next to me and a little room to get the computer out!  A little R&R and family time is needed and I can’t wait to share all of the (pink) details.

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Some midweek confessions…

What I think about at end of yoga

At the end of my favorite yoga class the instructor always asks us to imagine ourselves in the most comfortable place.  She asks us to enjoy the water, the clouds, or to sink into the sand.  All I can think about is sinking deeper into a feather bed with nice clean sheets!  At least it’s on a beach, right?


I Don’t like skiing (or snow, or cold…)

Since we moved to Colorado, we have bought a four pack for  our local, small runs.  Every time we go I turn into a whiney child and I am determined to get down the runs.  Sometimes I cry and sometimes  I just head to the lodge and pout into my beer… Sadly, the Husband loves to ski so I just have to get over it.  We are going this weekend and I am determined to have a good time.



I wish running were easy for me.

I watch the people at the gym who run lap after lap on the track and my green eyed monster comes out.  I am currently signed up for a St. Patty’s Day 5k and I have big plans for 2013 but it won’t be easy.  Between my knee and the negative attitude I tend to get, running has always been a struggle but I really enjoy it when I hit my stride so I will keep with this! I really enjoyed the Underwearness 5k I did last August!


 I can’t just watch one episode…

Due to our Roku and Amazon Prime, I have been able to fuel this problem.  I can curl up with a good blanket and a good dog and watch the same series for hours.  When the Husband travels, I have been known to plow through entire seasons of shows.  He is just as bad so we can at least veg out together after a long week at work.


Are there any shows you could watch all weekend?  Any activites you do that don’t like but you do them anyway?


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Take some time to be selfish

How this all started

We joined the Longmont Rec in December and I was immediately drawn to a Saturday morning Yoga class.  It was the perfect time on a Saturday to sleep in a little but not too long.  When I arrived, the class was completely full but everyone seemed content with that.  I slid my mat in between two regulars, grabbed a block and got settled.  As we started our stretches and warm up, the instructor started to let us know her philosophy.  The one thing that really stuck with me was that it was our hour to be selfish.  It was time to stop thinking about what are families were asking of us, what projects were due at work, and how much house cleaning needed to be done.  The hour of yoga was meant for us to think about ourselves.  The instructor told us to find our intentions for our hour, what we wanted to work on.  Concentrate on our breath and allow ourselves to be selfish.

Yoga ;)

Now I hear it all the time

I have now attended the class a handful of times and every week the instructor tells us the same thing.  I have really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time working on myself.  What I have realized though is that this idea of being selfish needs spill over to all of my workouts.  While it is fun to work out with the Husband, I need to make sure that I am hitting my burn and doing the workout my body needs.  The Husband and I have started planning our workouts ahead of time so that we each have expectations of what our week will look like.  I have also realized that this being selfish mentality needs to also fit into other places in my life.  While it is important to consider the other people in my life that rely on me, I need to also remember that I can’t burn myself out.  There are going to be times that I need say no or just go to bed early.  I might need to step away from the computer and take a walk or I might have to drive myself to the gym so that I can stay a bit longer.  I need to make sure that I come first.

How to find the balance

While it is all well and good to be selfish, I can’t be that way all the time.  I think this is where the planning comes into play.  While our schedules always end up being a bit flexible, we try our hardest to plan our meals and workouts so that both the Husband and I get what we need.  We have also gotten better at communicating other engagements and responsibilities so that there are no surprises.  We know when there are big meetings or late appointments so that we can accommodate each other.  The key for our success is making sure that we each know what the other needs and each other’s goals so that we can both be successful.  We have to help each other make time to be selfish.  Whether that be the Husband working out at a different location so I can hit up a great Yoga class or me getting up early so that he can go to the spin class he likes, we need to help each other to make it work!

When do you make time for you?  When do you get to be selfish?


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Our new toy

All I want for Christmas…

I guess it’s all we wanted for Christmas were gifts for our kitchen and our fitness.  And one of our new toys was the Cycle Ops Fluid Bike Trainer.  And after one ride, I’m in love!


The trainer allows us to take a large piece of exercise equipment we already have and make it more versatile.  We set it up in the living room with the Husband’s bike and the Amazon Prime account for optimal watching.  I was able to watch some Top Chef while dinner was being made and the Husband is on it now while I hide out in the basement office.

Switching it up

The secret to our success when it comes to fitness is variety.  We each have a set of clubs to golf or hit the driving range, we can hike or bike outdoors, we have  a gym membership, and we have the pup to walk.  If we get bored, we stop working out and we go back to our Netflix subscription on the couch.  By having options, we keep moving and if we don’t feel like hitting the gym, we can pick something else.

My plans

I really want to hit the gym at least 4 times a week but if the parking lot is overwhelmingly full, I want to have another option.  I also know that the Pup needs to get out and get her exercise as well.  As we built our weekly planner, we left spaces for 6 days of working out.  I would love to hit the gym all 6 of those days but I know myself and I know that I am going to need the variety.  As long as I am moving every day with 6 days of real hard work, I think I am fulfilling my duty to myself.

How do you set yourself up for success?


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Welcome to 2013

Settling into 2013

Happy New Year!  We spent midnight ringing in the new year together at home with a glass of bubbles!


We are starting our third day into 2013 and honestly, I haven’t made any lists or plans. Not even a single goal or resolution. I have some general ideas of where I want to be and what I want to get through but I don’t have a full game plan yet. I have made my weekly planner for food and exercise and I have remembered to take my vitamins each day but I really haven’t sat down to think about where I want to be in 365, now 362, days.
I know that I will have the same “get healthier” goals and I will try and hit the gym more. As it stands, my gym bag now lives packed and ready in my car. We just have to fight the crowds to find some space to work out but it is worth it. I know that 2013 will be the year that I am happy with myself. I don’t know if I really need to elaborate more than that for myself but I know that I want to stop nit picking.

 Making a plan…

This weekend, the Husband and I are going to get some plans going. While I know that the goals are for me, I really believe that you have to share your hopes and goals with your partner to be successful. While we will set our goals separately, I know that many of them will overlap or be similar. We can encourage each other and help each other. As history has proven, we are not each other’s best accountability partner but we are always each other’s best coach.

I know that I want to be happier and more focused, not just in 2013 but moving forward. I’m not sure what my actual written goals will turn out to be but I know that whatever my plans are, I need to write them down to give me something to work towards. Have you made plans for 2013?


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Getting myself organized!

So after about 2.5 days of rest this weekend, I decided that I couldn’t do it anymore.  I couldn’t sit in my basement and stare at the mass amounts of clutter that we have gathered over the last three years.  We thought that when we lived in the apartment, we were packed to the gills.  We now have about 500 square feet more to work with and I can’t imagine putting another thing in this place!  I think it might be time to watch an episode or two of hoarders to get the purging fire lit.

We have been making small steps for a few weeks to get ready for the clean out but we hadn’t done the big stuff.  Before our trip, we opened the last of the boxes that hadn’t seen the light of day since Iowa.  We decided to keep about half, toss a few things, and donate the rest.  The donation pile is still in the corner of the basement but at least there is some progress.  The toss bag was quickly taken to the trash so that I couldn’t change my mind.

In preparation of sorting, we also hung some shelves in our garage.  I think that if the garage were attached to our townhouse, we would have done this sooner but it’s a bit of a walk so we waited.  The shelves went up and all things home décor went out in sealed tubs.  We even put the Christmas tree in the garage.  I think the shelves were the only real investment we have made so far in operation organize! (Please excuse the sad phone photos…)

Once we freed up the space where the décor items once were, we could move the other boxes under the stairs and, voila, we have our basement back.  Once I got rid of some clutter, we hung a wipe board and pictures up on the wall.  Sadly, I discovered that some of my frames are not hang able and they will continue to sit on my shelf.

Next on the list is to re-organize some furniture and then finish the home improvement in the basement/bonus room.  If I didn’t have a job, I would probably spend most of my days re-organize small items and have a little OCD about it.  Thankfully, we only have a few three day weekends!

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And today she rested

While I am still working today, I am taking a mental and physical vacation today.  Today is my day to get my brain and body together for my first actual timed run.  I will be back on Monday with a brewery tour and a recap from my FIRST 5k!  Happy Friday Thursday!  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

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