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Happy Saturday

Today has been blissfully lazy!  I hope that everyone else had a great Saturday.  Once we got up and got moving (I was the slow one today) we got out and ran our errands.  We stopped to swap out a mirror for the basement bathroom, headed to the grocery store and then headed to the Winter Market.  It was so nice to see our local farmer’s and producers one more time before next Spring.  We got a few of our Holiday gifts together.  It’ definitely nice to get that out of the way. 

We also learned a valuable lesson at the grocery store.  READ YOUR RECEIPT!!  So many people will accept whatever the cashier says as truth and you may be losing out.  Once we got in the car, we thought that our receipt was about $10 off.  After we looked over everything, there were a handful of errors where store deals and coupons (even though they were scanned) didn’t count towards our total bill.  The Husband went back in and came back out with a fistful of cash and a smile on his face.  Make sure that you know what you are buying and don’t feel bad to correct your cashier.  They have to keep track of so many deals that they miss something and you might miss out!



This afternoon has been a television watching marathon.  The Husband I watched some Next Iron Chef and I can’t tear myself away from Toddlers and Tiaras.  I was such a tomboy so I can’t even imagine what these girls (and parents) are thinking.  It’s such a train wreck!  Little girl in a full blown Madonna costume definitely caught everyone by surprise.  Good luck to her parents when she is high school!  There are babies who are being made up and danced around even though they can’t walk all the way up to spoiled tweens who are still considering walking out with pacifiers.  One more reason to not have children…



This evening I think will be just as laid back.  We have been powering through laundry and I am pulling out the rest of the Christmas stuff tonight.  I would want to be more active but several more inches of snow on the ground is definitely making it hard.  Maybe tomorrow…

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An end of an era, for me and Borders

After the news this week of the closing of Borders, I started to recognize how much time (and money!) I used to spend at Borders.  Appropriately, my friend was interviewed by the local news station about the closing of the retailer and how she felt.

Photo courtesy of

As a teenager with few places to hang out, Borders was our destination!  We would head there to study for AP exams, class tests, drink highly caffienated drinks, stare at cute boys making the coffee, and pass the time!  I would say we were there several times a week and it was the place where we would generally meet up. 

Buying books for me at an actual store has always been a treat for me.  I started as a Waldenbooks girl and shifted to Borders when the brand did.  Hours spent thumbing through dozens of shelves trying to find the book I was in the mood for.  Seldom do I go into a book store knowing what title I want to leave with.  I love finding an author that I have read in the past and looking to the left and right of that author to see what else there is to read in that section.  Sometimes, I just start in a random place, in a random section, and see what I can find.  The Husband sometimes just drops me off at the store because he can’t stand my indecision.  I know that there are other bookstores that I can visit, but I just don’t have the connection.  If I feel like I want the enjoyment of thumbing through books, I may just have to settle for ebook samples on my Kindle App.

Now that Borders is closing, I assume that teenagers will find somewhere else to get coffee and hang out.  It’s just sad that when we all find ourselves at home, we will also have to find somewhere else to go…


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The train wreck you can’t turn away from!

So I did survive the dentist yesterday (barely).  Three minor cavities and lots of drilling.  No fun at all.  Once the Husband and I had made our way home from our respective appointments, we went out to enjoy the weather on the St. Vrain Greenway!  Beautiful ride.

Once we got home a cleaned up, the Husband started dinner and I flipped on the TV to see if we had any new surprises on the DVR.  Much to my delight, the DVR was on TLC and “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” was on TV.  Oh….MY…. GOSH!!!  What a fantastic (and frightening) show.  One little girl was wearing a bright pink monstrosity.  It weighed about 140 pounds and was made of 550 yards of fabric! 

The dresses were outrageous and the points of view evening more so!  I have set up a series recording and can’t wait for more craziness!

Even more delightful was the fact that “Extreme Couponing” was next and the Husband was also drawn in. 

We coupon every week and save about 30-40% of our bill but I have never left with the grocery store owing me money.  I have a new goal! I think the Husband will have to build a storage facility/bomb shelter first!



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Sorry, you’re out of time…

I was certainly spoiled by my first job out of college.  It was a little better than average pay, great benefits, and 4 weeks, read that again 4 WEEKS!, of Paid time off.  While it was sometimes hard to schedule, I at least had it to schedule.  The reason for this amazing benefits package was due to the fact that I worked for a European company.  Most European companies have enough paid time off for a nice healthy summer holiday and several small breaks for the holidays during the rest of the year.  Definitely was great to be able to take off a week a quarter and still have a job when I get back.

Since moving to Colorado, I have not had the same luxury.  The first job I had here said that I was “pulling shenanigans” when I was not there on Christmas Eve (even though it was okayed eventually).  I ended up leaving that job for other various and annoying reasons (to be discussed at another time I would think).  In my current job, I was awarded a hefty 6 days of vacation and no sick time (note my tone).  This means that because I got married this year, I am not able to be sick or go anywhere for Christmas. 

On a side note, who rents a place to live on December 23rd?? 

I am still unsure about flying to West Virginia for Christmas as it would cost $1400 for a 2 day trip.  I would rather go to Vegas with a cheap flight and blow my money having a good time.  I also don’t want to spend Christmas family-less (or make Shawn miss the only holiday he really enjoys). 


While I don’t think I will ever find a job with as great a benefit package as my European friends again, I will continue to search.  Are we working too hard for way too little or should we all stand up to our bosses collectively and demand to be treated like the French?


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Another great weekend!

We got the mandatory relaxing, binge eating, and cleaning out of the way this weekend.


We also did a great bike ride over to Left Hand this weekend where we met Michelle Blay of No Dough Colorado (  We had a great time taking the actual tour of the brewery and chatting about all of the great things to do in Colorado.  I can’t wait to get her book and start planning my weekends!

Shawn and I also had the chance to try the local wing place in Longmont to cure whatever effects we were having from Left Hand.  While the wings would not be my first choice for eating out, they were good for sloppy, messy wings!

This week will be a few more recipes and some awesome dog sitting!  Can’t wait.

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Everything has come to a screeching halt!


So we have officially hit our slow season.  The phone has stopped ringing, the email leads have stopped coming in, and I have stopped having things to do.  This is very nerve wracking as I live on 100% commission.  The bills will keep coming in whether or not the paychecks do or not.  

This means that we need to send the fall and winter being frugal.  As this is a term I am not used to, let me define…


–adjective 1.

economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful: a frugal manager.


entailing little expense; requiring few resources; meager; scanty: a frugal meal.

So what does this mean for me?  Do I still get my bike so that I can start to exercise in a fun way?  Can I still go out to dinner with friends?  What about travel? 

I think that I will still get my bike.  That is something that I almost need… I think.  The occasional dinner out is okay, we just have to watch how many times we do this.  And to compensate for these changes, the plans for Europe next summer will have to wait due to both of our siblings getting married this year.  Maybe I will just put a picture of Tuscany in my office and pretend that I took it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for fun and cheap??

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A moderately succussful weekend

So this weekend was a rare and wonderful TWO DAY WEEKEND!!  With my current job as a relocation specialist, I only get every other Saturday off so when I get  a Saturday off, it’s golden. 

We started off at the Longmont Farmer’s Market for a quick stop and then off to the Simply Bulk Market.  Always tasty things to buy and great things to try.  We stuck to the usual Miller Farms site for earthy veggies and zuchinni.  We plan to do several crockpot meals this week.  We bought a few more provisions at the bulk food store, like dried pineapple and granola.  (I guess we have acclamated to Boulder)  Hopefully, this will keep me from the junk food this week.

After all of the great shopping, it was night of enjoying my husband’s company and a nice glass of Malbec.  It’s a tasty, rich Malbec with a lot of fruit.  I wish I knew where we bought this bottle because apparently it wasn’t in Colorado.  We’ll just have to keep our eyes out so the next time I have some more plums around, I can try it again!

Finally, the business of the weekend.  Shawn and I went looking for a new bike for me.  I expected to spend around $250 but after finding the bike I like and getting the things I need, like a kickstand and a watter bottle holder, the package comes to just under $600!!!  I don’t know how bikes can cost that much but they do.  My parents also don’t understand the cost of bikes these days.  They said that they would buy me a bike but it turns out my dad expected to spend around $150, enough for the extras on the bike I want…  I guess the new set of wheels may have to wait a bit longer

The Bike that I reallllly want!


 I guess that’s all for now.  Until next time…

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