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Back to work (Insert enthusiasm here)…

So after three days I feel very rested and clear headed.  I also found it very difficult to get out of bed before 7:00 AM (the time we got up the last three days without an alarm clock).  While I was mildly productive the last few days I definitely am craving more time at home.  It was so nice to be able to do things when I wanted/needed to and cuddle with Maggie while catching up on the DVR. 

This morning started with another cup of coffee from Paul’s in Louisville.  Definitely love this stuff.  We bought a pound of their coffee that is roasted in house.  This may curb the espresso drinking over the next week or so.

I did hit up a jewelry party over my long weekend.  The company is Stella and Dot and everything they have is so cute!  So excited that my new earrings have already shipped!  They are definitely different from my normal earring choice.  Excited to try a new company and new style!

Signature Clover Chandelier Earrings


We did a lot of cooking and prepping last night so hopefully dinner tonight will be easy!  Also planning on working out a little bit after work. 

Do you find it hard to get back into things after a long weekend?

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Why I’m loving Pinterest

So Pinterest has become my newest time suck!  Once I start, I can’t seem to close it and move on.  It’s very dangerous.  I think that the Husband is also tired of me sending him “ideas” for our home.  I say “ideas” because I can almost guarantee that they won’t happen! 

Here are some of my favorite pins this week!

Love this!!!  Wish there was a place for this in my houseLOVE!!!!DIY blue mason jars -  glass aqua paint!Kitchen BacksplashFun! (Lightbulb vases)Love this!.  Would love to put this downstairs next to my desk.

Click on the pics for the sources!

What are you pinning?  Let me know!


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