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A week in review

So this week has been ridiculous, both at work and at home.  After several days of running around (and taking pictures) I am happy to share!

Major milestone this week was turning in my grad school application.  The deadline is the 15th (SUNDAY!) so I made it.  Now I sit and wait.  It’s just nice to have that done.

We also made grilled pizza this week.  We started with Alton Brown’s recipe and modified from there.  I was so proud that the Husband ate tomatoes!  It was a very tasty pizza and a lesson in organization.  The dough recipe is the important part.  Make sure you have the right yeast!

We also visited New Belgium this week.  We had a blast. Bernie was the best tour guide I have had at any brewery so far.  He even talked about their mission statement which is put in the tile on the floor.  It’s all about love!

Last night we finally relaxed a bit.  We enjoyed some specialty bombers and Top Chef.  I have to work tomorrow but we may ski on Sunday.  Nervous for my first time out this season but it should be warm!

What have you been up to this week?


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It is finished!

So I did it…  I just hit submit on my application for grad school.  What a feeling!  And by what a feeling I mean what a gigantic knot in my stomach.  The problem is now I sit and wait.  From my experience if they like you, they take their time to tell you and if they don’t like you, they rip the band-aid off and tell you right away.  What nerve wracking business!!

Anyway, the weekend was blissfully uneventful.  I got to go to Ft. Collins for some brewery tours and Sunday was cleaning and some sushi with an old friend.  Work was crazy but it is Monday after all.

Tomorrow, I plan on letting you know how a grilled pizza experiment went off but tonight, it’s time to veg out!

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Let’s not Panic!

Hope everyone’s weekend has started off great.  I am here in the office waiting for 5:00!  I’m also waiting for the phone to ring!  Anyway…  enough whining.

Luckily, the Husband is at home today and able to run errands and get the laundry started.  I plan to get myself completely organized for our trip tomorrow so that I will not have this major knot in my stomach all week.  I am not sure if the Husband and I will be buying gifts for each other.  I am hoping to at least find something small for him and for Maggie tomorrow while we are out gathering the last little pieces.  Then on Monday, I get to stand in line at the Pack and Ship store.  Stay tuned for some great boredom photos.

Besides packing, arranging, and shopping I also have to ship some gifts and get a book read and review written.  At least I am enjoying the book so far.  Review will be posted after Christmas!  I also have to work on my grad school application.  I emptied my brain into the computer the other day and came up with a rough 500 word essay. With some polish and some fleshing out, I am aiming for at least a 1000 words by the end of the week.  It’s supposed to be a statement of educational goals.  I of course put in some background about why I am choosing the program I am but I am not sure how far out they want the goals.  Do they want my plans for their program or my plans until I retire?  Do they want to know my interests now or what I plan on writing my first book on?  So much to consider…

I want to have that big hurdle taken care of before/during the trip.  I have been enjoying PhD comics and found the one below.  Afraid this 1000 word essay will haunt me for the next 4-6 semesters… and possibly beyond.




What last minute holiday item is still on your list?

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Goal Setting

So in my business, we are already gearing up for 2012. We are looking into January and February homes and students are already concerning themselves with the perfect rental for the next school year even though finals for this term haven’t even been graded. I think it’s crazy to be planning for 2012 already but I think it’s time to get started.

I haven’t really been into New Year’s Resolutions in the past. I don’t like to promise myself some unreasonable goal that will last 12 months. I generally can’t stick to goals that last 7 days. However, I can sense change in the wind and I am starting already on my major goal for 2012. I want to be happy with my life! It’s not that I’m necessarily unhappy now, I just know that I can be more happy. I have a great house, great husband, and great puppy! We are both working and have started to settle into our new(ish) life in Colorado. However, my personal goals have been taking a back seat to being financially responsible and kind of stable.

My first step to major change has been my application to grad school. I plan on having that done before Christmas so that I can sit with my fingers crossed until Spring. My entire perspective will change if I have a more flexible schedule and deadlines and homework again. I can’t wait!

My next step to major change is going to be a fitness goal. I am not going to hang a bikini on my fridge (I tried that in college) and I am not going to say that I will be a supermodel before the end of the year. My goal is to be healthier in 2012. I need to be more consistent with my workouts and more creative with my nutrition. Luckily, this is a goal that I think I share with the Husband so hopefully we can tackle this one together. With a little more research and input from friends (and you!) I hope to put together a weekly goal and report back. A little accountability goes a long way, I hear.


I am sure over the next few weeks, I will be thinking of other ways I want to change my life. I know that I want to keep the goals broad and the results achievable so that I am not setting myself up for failure. I also know that I need to do things that will make me happy all around!

Have you started thinking about your goals for 2012?

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Even easier than I thought

So last night I commented on how I sent requests for recommendation letters.  I was nervous and definitely didn’t know how my requests would be received…

Today there were four positive responses in my inbox!  I am so relieved that it was so easy.  I thought that no one would remember me or that they wouldn’t have anything to say for me.  With enough background data, it seems that four letters will be available to me.  THANK YOU MENTORS!

Today was a little slow.  This was good because I am still not up to 100% and the Husband isn’t either.  We didn’t really want to do much tonight so we cuddled up to watch Inception.  Still not sure what I think but everything came together for me.  I get the concept of the movie but I definitely see a little Matrix and a little What Lies Beneath.  I think I will need a couple of nights sleep (and a few dreams) for things to sink in.


Tomorrow will be one of our last warm days before the artic blast sets in.  Hopefully I will get Maggie out for a walk tomorrow.  She also seems a bit sluggish.


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That was easy!

So I just sent four emails out asking for the support of some of my previous mentors and teachers.  I am hoping that despite nervous errors, the individuals will provide some positive feedback.  I know that I waited too long to send the request but the application deadline is still six weeks away.

I have decided to not retake the GRE this time around.  From everyone I have talked to, the GRE is such a small part of the overall process for choosing candidates.  I hope that my grades, letters, and personal statement can win the review board over.

I really want to be in school this time next year.  I so badly wish that next year at this time, I will elbow deep in finals prep and papers.  I so miss the reading, the writing, and the academic pursuit of religion.  It’s amazing to share the insights I have as well as hear others put the pieces together.  More than anything I love sharing the knowledge with others.

At this point, I feel like as long as I do the steps necessary it’s out of my hands and I have to make sure that I fit the program’s needs as well.  Applying for grad school seems to be such a gamble because it isn’t just about fitting the grad student profile but it also about fitting the school’s profile.  I know that I love my home and what we have built here and I am not ready to move on so I hope that CU lets me move in!

Fingers crossed for the next step!


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This application seems daunting…

After a very busy weekend, the drive in allowed for some time to ponder what needs to get done this week.  I will be home on Wednesday so prepping and painting is on the list for sure.  We will prep Tuesday night so that I can paint on Wednesday.  Here’s to hoping it goes well!

The other major “to-do” is my grad school application.  I need to sit down and start working on my personal statement letter.  I am not sure what to write but I’m sure that it will come to me.  The other part of the application that I am dreading is the letters of recommendation.

There is something strange about contacting people that you haven’t spoken to in years (I’ve been out of college since May 2007) and asking them to vouch for your academic abilities.  I am worrying that some of them won’t remember me and that some of them will say no.  My department was was so small that I don’t feel like there are 4 people I can ask.  I have 3 in mind for sure but the fourth is still wavering.  Then I run into another problem.  What if someone says no?  Who do I have for back up? It’s super nerve wracking and I think that this is the worst part of applying (right now).

My last hurdle with the letters is contacting the individuals once I have chosen them.  Some sites and sources recommend calling the individuals or meeting with them and some don’t.  I think that my approach will be an email to guage their interest and letting them know my plans.  If they say yes, I will send them everything they need via mail.  Hopefully the email will allow the individuals to Google search me, check their records, and refresh their memories without the awkwardness of the phone call. 

I hope to have the preliminary contact done by the end of the week.  Wish me luck!

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