Celebrating with Christmas Cookies

So I teased these out on Instagram the other day.  This is in no way my recipe and exactly the best pop of color for your Holiday dessert plate! The thing with these cookies is you have to make meringue… The first time I did this I used a carton and a half of eggs,Continue reading “Celebrating with Christmas Cookies”

Friday Five: Christmas Favorites

There are a few movies that mean that Christmas is here.  I am a purist when it comes to holiday movies and music.  Not a single note of music is played or a minute of a movie watched until the turkey leftovers are safely nestled away in the fridge.  But as soon as that happens,Continue reading “Friday Five: Christmas Favorites”

So I’ve seen your Holiday Essentials Guide

And I am completely confused… Usually at this point in the year, the holiday shopping is done and the cards are ready to be put in the mail.  But we have had a really tough two weeks and I think we are just starting to catch our breath.  And now that we are getting caughtContinue reading “So I’ve seen your Holiday Essentials Guide”