A few Friday things + some weekend tunes!

Books to read… I finished this book in three sittings!  Just took me a weekend and I loved every page!  I’ve already handed the book off to my mother in law because I think it’s a great summer read.  I’m sure one of your friends has already bought this book so go out and findContinue reading “A few Friday things + some weekend tunes!”

BHBC Presents Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

When I was given the opportunity to review Jenny Lawson’s book, Let’s Pretend this never Happened, I was very excited. I have been reading Jenny’s hilarious commentary on daily life at TheBloggess.com for quite some time and I find her writing full of dark humor and biting wit a great combination. She writes without apologyContinue reading “BHBC Presents Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”

BlogHer Book Club Present The Underside of Joy

The one word that I would use to describe this book is beautiful. Sere Prince Halverson did such a wonderful job with the writing and the imagery of Elbow that I was ready to buy a home. Within the first pages I was so attached to Ella and her extended family that I wanted toContinue reading “BlogHer Book Club Present The Underside of Joy”