I think it’s finally Spring!

Did I just jinx us? It’s almost May and the snow is finally melting. On Monday, my commute in looked like this… Don’t worry, I was riding passenger while the Husband dealt with the icy roads. There are supposed to be mountains off in the distance in that photo. Luckily, there is no Monday morningContinue reading “I think it’s finally Spring!”

Another Weekend hike and some hiking tips

So this weekend, we took another hiking expedition   This time we wrapped around the bottom and came at those beautiful Flatirons from another direction. I wouldn’t call myself an expert when it comes to hiking but there are definitely things that you should be doing, especially when you are just starting out, to makeContinue reading “Another Weekend hike and some hiking tips”

Does Monday have to be over?

  So the Husband and I have been able to enjoy a three day weekend at home.  We had plans to ski and go out on the town but we stayed pretty close.  On Saturday we did get to try Bookcliff Vineyards in Boulder.  We have encountered quite a few local wineries since moving hereContinue reading “Does Monday have to be over?”