The real story about my BolderBoulder

The 2012 BolderBoulder came and went.  I wasn’t interested in running, crowds, or a cold (and some say refreshing) Michelob Ultra. Then last summer I ran jogged a 5k and I thought I could tackle this 10k event.  I got laced up and packed my CamelBak and I was off.  And while I finished theContinue reading “The real story about my BolderBoulder”

Monday Suds: Mountain Sun

While the family was in town this weekend, we were able to take them to some of our favorite restaurants, hiking trails, and breweries.  I noticed that after we headed to Boulder, I hadn’t shared one of my favorite spots, the Mountain Sun.  This is a great brewery downtown that I was able to enjoyContinue reading “Monday Suds: Mountain Sun”

Monday Suds: West Flanders

I can’t do a better job than they already have of introducing the West Flanders Brewing Company.  As you can tell by the history, the guys in charge of this great brewery and eatery have been waiting for a great opportunity for a long time!  I was really excited to stop in and try outContinue reading “Monday Suds: West Flanders”