Getting ready for the Holidays

It might still be October but at Best Buy on Sunday the Husband and I happened across a horrible sign.  Best Buy has already posted their holiday schedule.  The trend to move earlier and earlier with the holidays and holiday shopping definitely annoys me.  I am all about getting in the spirit of the holidaysContinue reading “Getting ready for the Holidays”

The Holiday season is upon us!

This holiday season is going to be very different from the last few so I thought that I would share some of the highlights. First, we started this holiday season with a combined Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration!  We had both sets of parents and siblings/Significant others over for a week of eating, drinking, and partying.  We spentContinue reading “The Holiday season is upon us!”

Sorry, you’re out of time…

I was certainly spoiled by my first job out of college.  It was a little better than average pay, great benefits, and 4 weeks, read that again 4 WEEKS!, of Paid time off.  While it was sometimes hard to schedule, I at least had it to schedule.  The reason for this amazing benefits package was dueContinue reading “Sorry, you’re out of time…”