Monday Suds: FATE Brewing

About a year ago we started hearing rumblings of a new brewery opening in Boulder.  They were going to have an amazing bar, a large beer selection, and the food was going to make you want to stay for dinner.  They did an incredible job of getting the FATE word out by collaborating with otherContinue reading “Monday Suds: FATE Brewing”

Monday Suds: Crow Hop Brewing Company

It seems that every time I make my weekend plans, a brewery or another will be on the plans. I guess that is reflected in the fact that I am the Imbiber of the Month at Left Hand. That’s another story to share later in the week! Anyway, the options have been great and ColoradoContinue reading “Monday Suds: Crow Hop Brewing Company”

Monday Suds: Ouray Brewing

When I travel anywhere I am looking for a new brewery.  When we stopped to look at the falls in Ouray (pronounced You-Ray), pictures coming tomorrow, we definitely needed a place to stop for lunch.  The brewery has as a great downtown location and a separate brew house on the other end of the town. Continue reading “Monday Suds: Ouray Brewing”