Monday Suds: Odd13 Brewing

Every week I am getting emails about new breweries. The craft beer industry is exploding on the Front Range and I am lucky enough to be here to witness it! For a brewery to make it to it’s one year party (and plenty have!) they have to stand out and do something different. Odd13 hasContinue reading “Monday Suds: Odd13 Brewing”

Monday Suds: Pikes Peak Brewing Company

  Pikes Peak Brewing Company was our last stop on our way out of town.  After a weekend of indulging in the Springs, I was just ready for a sandwich, a tasty pint, and a nap.  Luckily, Pikes Peak had it all (the nap happened in the car)!  There were six house beers on tapContinue reading “Monday Suds: Pikes Peak Brewing Company”

Monday Suds: Bristol Brewing and the Ivywild

Just realized this didn’t load yesterday!  Enjoy some suds! During our drive around Colorado Springs, Bristol Brewing was definitely on our list. What I did not know was that earlier this year the Bristol team moved into a new location. And when we pulled in I was stumped… Bristol, along with some other community partners,Continue reading “Monday Suds: Bristol Brewing and the Ivywild”