Monday Suds: Craft Beer Conference Denver

So last week, the Craft Brewer’s Conference hit Denver and the Colorado beer crowd was ready! With the number of beer releases, pairing dinners, and tap takeovers there was something to do every night. I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer at the Pink Boots Society Annual meeting and meet some of theContinue reading “Monday Suds: Craft Beer Conference Denver”

Monday Suds: Boulder Brewing Company

We moved to Colorado in 2009 and started getting into craft beer in 2010.  While living in Colorado, I have happened upon many brews from Boulder Beer in bottles and on tap but I still hadn’t had a chance to stop in.  If you are going to try out Colorado beer, it’s definitely important toContinue reading “Monday Suds: Boulder Brewing Company”

This week it is Weekday Suds at Backcountry Brewery

So I finally visited a new brewery!  I’m not quite sure where the last couple of weeks have gone but we got up to the mountains this weekend and finally stopped by Backcountry Brewery.  We had stopped by over Thanksgiving weekend but they were serving a special meal for the holiday.  We weren’t that farContinue reading “This week it is Weekday Suds at Backcountry Brewery”