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We had one nice day…

Sorry for the delay on the weekday updates but this week has seemed to fly by.  Tuesday was my day off and the thermometer hit 71 degrees at my house.  The Husband went to work early so that he could be home early.  We had some Georgia Boys for a late lunch and then off to the greenway for a bike ride.  All great bike rides begin and end at LeftHand!


We were able to have beers on the patio and chat it up with our favorite regulars!  The Husband attempted to shoot a video of the methodic pilsner bubbles to display here.  He thought they were soothing!  We couldn’t get 30 seconds without cars going by!


I enjoyed the sun and sat out in my bike shorts!  What a lovely way to remind yourself that Spring is around the corner!


Has Spring started to show it’s face at your house?


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Welcome to the mid week slump!

 Actually, I mean Happy Wednesday!! I am still trying to keep my positive attitude going. I had yesterday off and managed to accomplish a list of chores I had left for myself. I caught up on some projects and definitely checked some large items off!

It was a pretty icy and crappy morning so I was glad I didn’t have to drive in. The Husband attempted the drive in the morning but turned around once he started sliding. He went to the office later in the day. I showered and put pajamas back on and got to work!

Most of these goals were done with Maggie by my side. She was sooo cuddly all day. Once the sun came out, she was in the window watching the neighbors.

Also, new favorite addiction: NATURALLY FLAVORED WATER!  I drank lime soda water all day!

We did manage to hit the gym in the evening. The January Joiners are definitely in full swing (with very loud kids in tow!). If the Husband and I had a choice, we would definitely consider other gyms but this is the closest one to our house. There were no cardio machines and a bazillion screaming kids upstairs. I actually considered complaining at the desk as most of them were under 5 and unattended. Tonight we are going right at 5:30 and tomorrow we are going in the morning for racquetball. I had mentioned before that the Husband and I can’t agree on a work out time. As a compromise, we will do both! I agree with him that weekday evenings are too much of a hassle so mornings may be our only option for a while.

On a side note, I signed up for the Blend Retreat! The schedule came out and I am so excited. Definitely need to accomplish some of my fitness goals before the retreat comes around or the rest of the group will leave me in the dust!

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Almost there!

Happy Thursday night!  We are almost through the week!  If you are a typical person, tomorrow is it.  I only have 2 more days to go.  I think I can make it!

Today was my day off.  I sent a text to the Husband at 10:15 to let him know that I was still in my pajamas and no where near showering.  It felt great to be lazy!  I worked from home a little bit this morning working on the office Holiday card and then I played with my Zune and enjoyed some Real Housewives all before Noon!  I wasn’t completely lazy. 

I ran some errands and came back and tried to make “fancy” grilled cheese for lunch.  Cheese Importers cheese, Pesto, and pepperoni.  Didn’t quite work out so well.


I read a little bit this afternoon.  I am reviewing a book for BlogHer for the end of the month and I don’t want it to get away from me this month.  I also worked on my grad school application stuff.  My goal for Sunday is to put a rough draft of my personal statement.  I am not quite sure what needs to go in it but I am going to research and get this put together.  I am also requesting my transcripts in the morning and on Saturday I will send out the addressed envelopes for the reference letters.  I am going to get this wrapped up before we leave for Christmas, I promise!

We hit the gym and did some weight training tonight. 



They have a great deal advertised for a personal trainer/nutrition package starting in January.  Giving it some serious thought.  The Husband and I had a talk about it and he likes to work out with me but I like to work out when I have paid for a class or service.  I just don’t like to go and do my own thing.  This might be the jumpstart that I need.  Definitely going to be looking into it.

Tonight was easy stir fry dinner with TJ’s Soyaki sauce. 



I swear that sauce could make cardboard taste fabulous.  Need to get my hands on more of it!  Any volunteers?

Good night all!



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Where have I been?


I think I have been avoiding the computer and the basement so that I can avoid full on studying.  I take the GRE on Friday!  I feel completely unprepared but I still have lots of time.  I spent a couple of hours today going through geometry and vocab flashcards.  I will conquer this!


Thursday was a big day off.  The Husband and I started with breakfast at the Egg and I!  He said that the next time we went, I would have to get the Crab Cakes Benedict! 


It was amazing!!  The leftovers were great on Friday too! 


In Colorado, before renewing your car registration you have to be emissions tested.  Took the car over for it’s review and then got my new stickers.  Which I could have just done it online like most normal states.  After that, I went and met with my hair stylist at her new salon!  I got a few highlights and a trim.  Picture of the final product to come.  Sorry for the fuzzy picture. 


And all of that was just before lunch!  After that, I had lunch, took my first trip to our local library (can’t wait to go back!), and I took Maggie to the vet to get her boosters.  What a brave little girl.  I made basic chicken and cous cous for dinner and picked up Margarita Sorbet from Glacier’s for dessert.  I was trying to make up for the lack of creativity in dinner.

Friday after work, we went to the wine tasting and learned about wine clones.  It was basically learning about what sommeliers and wine makers have determined to be some of the best strains of certain grapes.  We had  good time and it is a Maggie friendly store!  After that, we grabbed a slice and beer at Abbondanza’s.  They serve LeftHand and have great pizza!




Saturday was another work day and today was a study day.  We hit the gym today too!  So happy that I could watch the Packer’s game while on the treadmill.

Ready to have some dinner and get to bed early.  Early start tomorrow!

How was your weekend?


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