I think Colorado is confused…

So the beginning of the week required a heavier jacket and just a little seat warming action in the morning…  The sunrises were beautiful and I could comfortably take Maggie out in the morning. The views outside my office are great.  No mountain picture here but the leaves are great! And then this happened overContinue reading “I think Colorado is confused…”

Monday Suds: Are you Strange?

So most breweries are in small industrial areas and you have to be sure where you are going.  As we headed towards Strange, we weren’t quite sure where the GPS was taking us but then, in a small building we saw a buzzing garage door and a full parking lot.  We found it! Sunday afternoonsContinue reading “Monday Suds: Are you Strange?”

Monday Suds: Are you a Renegade?

We had some errands to run in Denver this weekend and on our way back home, we stumbled upon Renegade Brewing.  What a discovery!  If I lived in Denver, you could find me here every weekend! We were in on a Sunday afternoon and there was a buzz but there were tables to sit atContinue reading “Monday Suds: Are you a Renegade?”