Welcome to Wineday Friday!

After a very long day yesterday.  I got into the office around 7:35 AM and I didn’t even get back to the office from my meeting until 5:50.  Then I had my drive home.  I felt like my whole afternoon had gotten away from me!  Needless to say I wasn’t really in the mood forContinue reading “Welcome to Wineday Friday!”

An awful brew and an amazing musician.

This weekend, the husband and I decided to try and expand our beer views and give Oskar Blues another try.  We arrived at the Tasty Weasel.  Here we were greeted by a tasting room that was actually in the brew house.  This would’ve been cool but it was indeed very warm and loud.  Not myContinue reading “An awful brew and an amazing musician.”

The Quest for a Beer Club Membership

Since I discovered Left Hand this spring, I have been on a quest to be a part of their illusive beer club.  If you have earned the favor of Left Hand (not sure if it is the beer club members, the staff, or who…) you will receive an invitation for the next year.  This membershipContinue reading “The Quest for a Beer Club Membership”