Typical night at our house

I wish… we did a lot of prep work this weekend to make way for some fabulous cooking throughout the week.  I definitely think that we tend to be conservative when it comes to splurges but the Husband has a favorite he never gets.  That’s right, Lobster! I felt so bad taking this guy apartContinue reading “Typical night at our house”

Does this drizzle mean Fall is here?

This morning I was tempted to sleep in, put on flannel pajama pants, and have a big bowl of warm oatmeal.  The thermometer was registering under 50 degrees at 5:30 this morning!  However, my work life had other plans and I was out the door about 7:30 today.  I think Maggie would have loved a littleContinue reading “Does this drizzle mean Fall is here?”

Well that was … interesting

So yesterday I had the delightful opportunity again to spend some quality time with the pups yesterday doing nothing really but cleaning out the DVR.  It was amazing!  I did a little picking up, some light laundry, and stopped by the bank.  Even cleaned up the garden area a little.  However the majority the dayContinue reading “Well that was … interesting”