Monday Suds: Mama Jean’s

Besides investigating beer, sometimes I have to check out what is going on outside.  There have been many trips to breweries that have ended with one of us saying “Do you really want to make the fish and broccoli or do you want to grab (insert delicious and available food here)?”  I would say about 50% percentContinue reading “Monday Suds: Mama Jean’s”

Monday Suds: JAMming out at the breweries

When we pull up to the brewery on a Friday or Saturday night, the first question is about who is parked in the lot… We generally check out what’s going on before we make our weekly menu so that we can try out a new truck or support an old favorite some time during ourContinue reading “Monday Suds: JAMming out at the breweries”

The food trucks are coming!!

  To be more precise, they were in Prospect last night.  Shawn and I had heard about this a couple of weeks ago so I have spent the last week being excited about new food to try. First, we got a burger and chips from Walnut a go-go.  Burger was good, some kind of greenContinue reading “The food trucks are coming!!”