A simple appetizer plate and a giveaway!

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to visit Fresca Foods and 34 Degrees. We got the opportunity to see the super secret process of how these ultra thin crackers are made and we were even able to try some brand new, not even available yet flavors.  If everything goes according to plan, theseContinue reading “A simple appetizer plate and a giveaway!”

Day 18… we still haven’t found any coffee

So it’s been 18 days on the cleanse.  There have been a few stumbles but I have held strong against coffee.  Today has been particularly tough.  I woke up wanting a doughnut from Tee and Cakes and a latte!  I don’t feel well and I just want some comfort food and a nap! Since todayContinue reading “Day 18… we still haven’t found any coffee”

My end of week thoughts on Arbonne

Why you won’t be seeing a lot of food (or beer) in my Instagram feed this month. For a long time, I said I wouldn’t buy into the gimmicks.  I wasn’t going to pick a diet trend that wasn’t going to be a long term solution.  But then after exercise and watching what I eat,Continue reading “My end of week thoughts on Arbonne”