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Rise and Shine!!

It’s Tuesday which means that it’s not Monday.  I think that is a major reason to celebrate. 

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I’ve got a handful of days left to get myself out and running before the 5k.  Definitely think I will be falling in the walking category for most of it but I will be happy to put an official 5k behind me.  I’m up to running about 1.5 miles without needing to walk.  I hope I can keep keep this up

So I just hit submit!


Here we go!  Goal set, credit card charged, no turning back!

I’m wondering, any advice for first time runners?



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A little late to the party

I alluded last week to a fitness challenge that I have planned for the month of July. I definitely need a goal to keep myself moving so here it is!


I plan on doing 100 miles of fitness miles in the month of July. Between the last push for training for my first 5k, walking the dog, biking with the husband, and hiking in Boulder this is definitely a very doable goal. I have been down and out for the better part of the last month, feeling run down and congested. No better way to get back on it then to set some health and fitness goals.

To kick things off, we biked 13.6 miles this morning before it got hot.  I also did a jog/walk of about 2 miles.  My GPS crapped out on me but that is my best guess.  I also have 2 miles of mild walking while I was still getting over this sinus business.  So far, the total is 17.6 miles!

On top of the mileage goal, I also plan on eating better, drinking more water, and taking my vitamins! More details to come!  If I stick to it, I will owe myself a treat at the end of the month!  I’m thinking mani/pedi.  If you want to track your mileage and share, let me know!

I’m wondering, how do you keep yourself on track?


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A compliment goes a long way

This morning I had grand plans to get up and work out.  I even laid out my clothes ahead of time.  I had the water bottle ready and the shoes by the front door.  Then 5:40 came around and my bed was just too cozy.  I started the morning down on myself as I had already put myself behind on my goals for the day.  I went to get in the shower and there was no hot water left and my mood continued to get worse.  I was getting mad at myself for being angry because there was nothing really I could be angry about.  I was already in the cycle of negative thinking and I was ready to crawl back in bed and give it a better try in a few hours.  Unfortunately, I am part of the working class and had to be somewhere this morning so getting back in bed was not an option.  I had to suck it up, get dressed, and get moving.

The Husband and I got everything together this morning and decided to grab a quick bite out so that we wouldn’t leave dishes in the sink all day.  As I headed to get my car out the garage IT HAPPENED!  A neighbor that I have never met complimented my dress choice for the day.  I have never met this person and just was ready to say the obligatory “Good Morning” and be on my way and she stopped me to give me a compliment.  I don’t think this woman knows what kind of mood I was in but she brightened my day.  Just one compliment from a stranger and I had to realize that my day was going to be ok.

Even though I felt behind on my goals, we had successfully gotten out of the door in one piece, have jobs to go to, and a little extra cash to grab breakfast out.  So what if I didn’t get my workout in this morning, I will do it when I get home.  So what if I started my day in a crumby mood.  It doesn’t mean I can’t change today.

Just remember that a compliment to a stranger (or a friend) may go further than you think!  And remember, you are great!


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Looong Week

So first major life event wasn’t really my life event but my car’s!  Sadly, we rolled over 100,000 miles yesterday on the drive home.  I got this car new back in 2005.  I hate driving but I keep getting jobs that are so far from home.  Here’s the the next 100,000 miles!

The other major life event was mine and it’s not a good one.  Sadly, I got my rejection letter from the University of Colorado on Thursday. 

I am still trying to work through some of the emotions that come with the email but I am not sure what my next steps are.  Time to start prioritizing and setting up some new long term goals!

Moving on from those heavy feelings!  Tomorrow is another ski day and then some rest.  How are you spending your weekend?



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Where do you work out?

The Husband and I have been debating working out at our local Y.  We used to love the atmosphere, the classes, and variety but it has become soooo crowded.  We have tried a couple different times of day, different work out schedules, different classes and we can’t seem to find a time when we feel like we can get a good work out in.


We went to get vitamins the other day and the store was offering free two week passes to try out a new gym.  While this gym is not new to the area, it’s new to us.  I am completely freaked out!  I have gotten comfortable with the gym and with the equipment and I don’t know if I’m ready to try something new.  I have picked out a few classes and the Husband is also working out his schedule. 


We aren’t cancelling the Y membership, just putting it on hold for two weeks to try out the new one.  After the trial period, we’ll check out their prices and options and see if it’s worth it. 

Have you ever changed gyms?  What made you change?


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Where did January go?

Welcome to February. It seems that lots of blogs have started some kind of project for this month. Not sure if it’s because there are lots of New Years Resolutions that need picking up or if it’s because February is a short month. However, I think I am going to jump on the bandwagon. For February, I plan on taking a cue for Caitlin and starting a blank training plan! 3 times a week seems to be where I level off so I will plan on that for now. There are some great classes at our gym and we have a two week pass to try another one so I hope the variety will keep me occupied!

  Activity #1 Activity #2 Activity #3
WEEK 1      
WEEK 2      
WEEK 3      
WEEK 4      


The other reason I need to start working on the training plan is because I have been in a funk. The negative attitude seems to creep in with the cold weather. I need to have some set goals so that I can keep my mind off the rest of it. It feels like for the last couple of weeks, the Husband and I have been too busy to take care of ourselves. That definitely needs to change.



This also seems to be weighing on my heavily this week. Lots of people keep asking me if I have heard anything about my grad school application. Back to the whole not knowing trend, I have NO IDEA!!! I wish they could just let me know sooner but this is part of the whole process. I may have to wait weeks or months to find out what my plans for the next two years are. It’s crazy but I don’t even know the acceptance rate at CU. I continue to keep my fingers crossed.

How do you keep the Winter Funk away?


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How’d we do?

So last week I set three goals for myself and happily I accomplished 2 of the 3!  While none of my goals were huge, it feels good that I accomplished something measurable. 

 We did indeed work out three times this week.  It was a crazy week at work but we managed to squeeze 3 in, including yesterday’s ski day!  I did some running/jogging and a bit of weights. 

This week I will be focusing on some classes and getting my butt out of bed early to work out!

I sadly didn’t accomplish goal #2.  The Husband tried a new ice cream recipe but we didn’t really get any real cooking done.  We even bought veggies to do some roasted veg but every time I planned to do it, this got out of control and they had to wait.  I will use all veggies in the fridge tomorrow (we are eating out tonight).

I tried to get some vitamins in, I swear!

Goal #3 was to be less of a blog lurker and more of a commenter.  Definitely commented on some of my favorites this week.  Hoping to keep this trend going.

Today we dropped on Maggie very early to get groomed.  She is staying with our favorite groomer throughout the day as the Husband and I are planning a long day of work and time in Boulder.  Jenna is so great and if you are in the area, make sure to contact her about grooming your fur baby!

Hopefully I will have some great pictures later!  How is your week going?

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