Let’s not Panic!

Hope everyone’s weekend has started off great.  I am here in the office waiting for 5:00!  I’m also waiting for the phone to ring!  Anyway…  enough whining. Luckily, the Husband is at home today and able to run errands and get the laundry started.  I plan to get myself completely organized for our trip tomorrowContinue reading “Let’s not Panic!”

Even easier than I thought

So last night I commented on how I sent requests for recommendation letters.  I was nervous and definitely didn’t know how my requests would be received… Today there were four positive responses in my inbox!  I am so relieved that it was so easy.  I thought that no one would remember me or that theyContinue reading “Even easier than I thought”

That was easy!

So I just sent four emails out asking for the support of some of my previous mentors and teachers.  I am hoping that despite nervous errors, the individuals will provide some positive feedback.  I know that I waited too long to send the request but the application deadline is still six weeks away. I haveContinue reading “That was easy!”