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And the disappearing award goes to…

ME!!  I am not going to apologize for being away, just explain my absense (for the handful of you that read this).

So last week I spent the majority of my time studying and working.  My GRE exam was on Friday and I did relatively well.  We spent a quality amount of time at Left Hand as well due to several GABF activities (HOORAY FOR MILK STOUT NITRO IN A BOTTLE!!). 


Then it hit me!  Sunday I woke up with no voice.  Not even a whisper.  We ran a few errands and I spent the majority of the afternoon watching Mad Men.

Monday was still a quiet day for me but I had to go to work, can’t miss a Monday!  I spent most of the day organizing myself and praying that the day would go by faster.  I felt even worse yesterday and ended up going home around lunchtime.  I napped and watched TV until the Husband came home and went to bed around 8:00.

I had to come in today.  I am still stuffy and a little stiff but the tea and DayQuil seem to be working.  Here’s hoping for 6:00!



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Where have I been?


I think I have been avoiding the computer and the basement so that I can avoid full on studying.  I take the GRE on Friday!  I feel completely unprepared but I still have lots of time.  I spent a couple of hours today going through geometry and vocab flashcards.  I will conquer this!


Thursday was a big day off.  The Husband and I started with breakfast at the Egg and I!  He said that the next time we went, I would have to get the Crab Cakes Benedict! 


It was amazing!!  The leftovers were great on Friday too! 


In Colorado, before renewing your car registration you have to be emissions tested.  Took the car over for it’s review and then got my new stickers.  Which I could have just done it online like most normal states.  After that, I went and met with my hair stylist at her new salon!  I got a few highlights and a trim.  Picture of the final product to come.  Sorry for the fuzzy picture. 


And all of that was just before lunch!  After that, I had lunch, took my first trip to our local library (can’t wait to go back!), and I took Maggie to the vet to get her boosters.  What a brave little girl.  I made basic chicken and cous cous for dinner and picked up Margarita Sorbet from Glacier’s for dessert.  I was trying to make up for the lack of creativity in dinner.

Friday after work, we went to the wine tasting and learned about wine clones.  It was basically learning about what sommeliers and wine makers have determined to be some of the best strains of certain grapes.  We had  good time and it is a Maggie friendly store!  After that, we grabbed a slice and beer at Abbondanza’s.  They serve LeftHand and have great pizza!




Saturday was another work day and today was a study day.  We hit the gym today too!  So happy that I could watch the Packer’s game while on the treadmill.

Ready to have some dinner and get to bed early.  Early start tomorrow!

How was your weekend?


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So I’m not a complete dummy!

I have been studying for this darn GRE and things are getting fuzzy.  The world must have turned itself on it’s head.  As my friend, Julia, predicted, the sections related to the English language are much harder than I thought they would be.  I’ve decided to put math on the back burner for now and start making vocab flash cards.  I think The Husband rolled his eyes when I told him that I had to get supplies to study.  He was never a flash card kind of guy in school.  Most of the formulas he needed for his tests were provided and he just had to memorize concepts.  My schooling required languages and dates, which for me required flash cards for memorization!  If the method works, I think it’s worth the supplies to get a good score.  Besides, the basic algebra doesn’t scare me as much as the word “Prestidigitation”.  Here is the definition in case you were curious!


Besides studying, I have been doing some lounging.  As soon as I got home, I put on the sweatpants and slippers.  It’s time to relax a little!  Hopefully once my list of chores is done, a glass of red wine will magically find it’s way into my hand.


  Two more days this week and then a two day weekend and a concert!

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I stuck to my guns!

So as promised, this morning I took Maggie for a walk!  The Husband came along and we just did 20 minutes around the neighborhood.  It was good to get outside.  I wanted to take her for a longer walk but we all tossed and turned last night.  Too cold to have the fan on, too stuffy to leave it off.  What’s a girl to do?  So we slept in a little extra and then headed out!

How could you say no to this face?

Last night, the Husband made Eggs Foo Yung.  Some kind of omelette-y thing with rice and a thickned soy sauce concoction.  As he made too much, I am having it for lunch today as well.

I also made some progress on the math section of the GRE study guide.  The beginning seemed so easy but then I got distracted by Guiliana and Bill and it was all over.  I got through 1.5 practice tests last night.  I will pick it up again tonight.

Seemingly, I am on track with this weeks goals.  Studying, check!  Walk the dog, Check!  Try new recipes, Check!  Now it is time to start getting ready for the small party at my house this weekend.  Must add cleaning to the to do list.  Hopefully the Husband can help with that part…


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A big commitment!

So today I took a big step in path towards going back to school.  The minute I was done with my undergrad, I knew that I would be pursuing more education.  In a recent post by Cassie at Back to Her Roots, she asked what dream job you would take.  I am a life long learner and I wish that I could spend the rest of my life in the classroom.  As nice as it would be to take classes without a degree or focus in mind, I will be spending time working towards a MA in Religious Studies and hopefully a Ph.D. after that.

So back to the big step, today I signed up for the GRE!! 


I have been putting this off for 3 years and I finally sat down and picked a date today.  I spent the money and have downloaded the practice files.  It’s time to roll up my sleeves and get studying.  The Husband said I have to spend 90 minutes a night working on studying and taking practice tests.  I am testing on September 30th and hopefully it will be good enough to start applying!

Anyone out there remember anything about the GRE?  Any tips?

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