Monday Meal Planning

Happy Monday!  I really wish that I had an extra day to finish everything that ended up on my to do list over the weekend.  We got most of the cooking done but anything that fell outside of the kitchen most likely did not happen.  We will be hopefully getting those things done over theContinue reading “Monday Meal Planning”

An Evening with Don Julio

Happy Wednesday!  Wanted to share an amazing paired dinner the Husband and I got to attend last week.  This was a tequila dinner with a host from Don Julio, Sergio Garcia.  As usual, the pairing choices were fabulous and we had a blast. Great margaritas, great flavors, and an absolutely wonderful setting.  We had theContinue reading “An Evening with Don Julio”

Half way there!

Happy Wednesday everybody!  Yesterday the Husband and I managed some prep cooking for the rest of the week.  Happily, I only had to heat up my slice of fritatta/quiche this morning!  It had peppers, onions, bacon, and cheese!  So good.  We make a lot of it and then we can heat and go the restContinue reading “Half way there!”