What are you tapping your toes to?

It’s almost the 4th and that means a long weekend of family time and outdoor eating! I’ve got a few new recipes to try and I will definitely be soaking up the sun. If you are looking for a little musical inspiration to get you through the last few hours of the this work week,Continue reading “What are you tapping your toes to?”

Friday Five

1. It’s summer solstice! This definitely calls for cocktails and citronella on the patio tonight!  How are you enjoying the extra sunshine? Maybe we will try some of these cocktails… the Mango Peach Sangria looks pretty tasty. 2. I haven’t killed my plants! It’s been about a month and everything I purchased has survived soContinue reading “Friday Five”

Friday Five (April26th)

1. So this weekend we are tearing the house apart to get ready for painting! I can’t wait to get these colors in the house and move on from boring beige! From Left to Right: Gentle Rain for our main living space, Bleached Denim for our bedroom, Embellished Blue for our kitchen, Scotland Road forContinue reading “Friday Five (April26th)”