Do you eat dessert first?

Look who came to Longmont?? I was starting to feel left out as I would see so many Instagram pictures of fro-yo and driving 30 minutes to satisfy a sweet tooth didn’t seem that appealing.  I then we saw the story in the paper.  Menchie’s would be opening a store in Longmont!  While the HusbandContinue reading “Do you eat dessert first?”

A kaiten?

We had a craving for Sushi and the closest place is 30 minutes from our house.  Or so we thought!  We had the opportunity to try Sushi Kaiten in Longmont and it was definitely an experience!  Now you may ask “What does Kaiten mean?”  Well, from the restaurant’s website: How to enjoy KAITEN style foodContinue reading “A kaiten?”

Last day of the market

So today was the last day of the Longmont Farmer’s Market.  It is always sad to see it go but only 4 weeks until the weekend market… We knew we didn’t need need a whole lot but we got a tasty breakfast burrito, some onions from Guerilla Farms, and we stumbled upon Horsetooth Hot Sauce. Continue reading “Last day of the market”