Just checking in

Well, to say that this week has been weird and slightly trying on my nerves might be an understatement. Between the sick day on Monday, the snow on Tuesday and Wednesday (c’mon, Colorado!), and the horrible news that seems to flood my twitter and facebook feeds, I am definitely ready for a weekend. There hasContinue reading “Just checking in”


2 years ago today I married my best friend.  We’ve known each other for a very long time and I can’t imagine waking up next to anyone else everyday.  I love you, Husband!  We are headed out for a fancy dinner later!  More info to come.  Hug your love today!

An Evening with the House of Walker

So as we approach our one year wedding anniversary, we have been doing special trips and nights out.  Last night we visited Martini’s Bistro for “An Evening with the House of Walker”.  The basic info can be found here, Menu and Info . I am not a scotch/whiskey drinker, so this was going to be aContinue reading “An Evening with the House of Walker”