Monday Suds: Welcome to Loveland! Verboten and Dancing Pines

So we didn’t get the snow we planned on this weekend… I was really hoping for some real Winter weather and not the dreary weekend that we had.  Anyway, we made the best of it and heard some great music at Echo on Saturday night thanks to the Prairie Scholars!  We also hit up a brandContinue reading “Monday Suds: Welcome to Loveland! Verboten and Dancing Pines”

Monday Suds: Big Beaver

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and hopefully long weekend.  We had a blast back in Iowa and I spent today recuperating.  I was ready to head into work and woke up with a cold.  Definitely spent the day with hot tea and toast.  A while back, the Husband and I stumbled on another LovelandContinue reading “Monday Suds: Big Beaver”