Monday Suds: What are you drinking?

It’s another Monday… and this time I have no new brewery visits.  I was able to try some new beer of the canned variety and I hit up a show on Saturday night to support some local musicians and a great local artist! What I want to  know today is what are you drinking?  WhereContinue reading “Monday Suds: What are you drinking?”

Monday Suds: It’s a party, a Superbowl party!

I would like to open this post with a moment of silence for the city of Denver.  I have a feeling that most of the Colorado Natives we know had their victory parades planned and their party clothes picked out.  Unfortunately, the Broncos were asleep at the wheel. Growing up I always went to aContinue reading “Monday Suds: It’s a party, a Superbowl party!”

Monday Suds: Front Range Brewing Company

I finally made my way down to Lafayette, Colorado’s first craft brewery. Front Range Brewing Company. Like many other breweries, this little gem was tucked in a strip mall next to a furniture and across the way from a handful of restaurants. There was a few boisterous tables in the place but not a singleContinue reading “Monday Suds: Front Range Brewing Company”