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The end of a chapter

So my first time through, NaBloMoPo wasn’t that bad.  Some days it was a challenge to make sure that I got something out.  The holiday week was especially hard.  Getting 15 minutes to sneak away and empty my brain was sometimes a game.

What did I learn?  I learned that I am a niche-less blogger.  While I love writing about food, reviews, books, and the occasional work out post, I am more about writing about my life.  I love to share my ups and downs and what is going on with me.  I hope to eventually write about going back to school and what it’s like to start something new but for now I will write about me!

Where will I go from here?  I plan to write on a daily basis still.  I really would like to write in the morning but I don’t think it will happen.  I have definitely learned over the last 30 days it is important to be steady with my posts.  Writing is like exercising and you have to get it done early or it comes out like crap.  I have also learned that I working ahead doesn’t work for me.  I know that some people plan ahead and write several posts and schedule posts for the week but I can’t do it!  Because I write about my daily life, planning ahead seems to schedule my life.  I just need to write as I go.  It doesn’t take that long and I need to have my daily catharsis.

What happened tonight…

This morning I had to do breakfast at work.  I had the end of my treat from the Husband’s parents, BRUEGGERS!!!  Best bagels and cream cheese EVER.  We found out that we have one in Denver and I think their cream cheese is worth the 45 minute drive and $5 parking.


Tonight I have been plagued with a bit of a sinus headache and I am ready for a nap.  I did get out the Merry Merry Cranberry wine.  It’s a fun flavored drink that gets my in the spirit of the holidays.  Maybe tomorrow I will drag out the rest of my decorations!


And now it’s time for bed!



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An epiphany of sorts… Half way through NaBloPoMo

Everyone seems to be having epiphanies about their blogs and why they write as we have now reached the half-way point of November and NaBloPoMo.  I have definitely found a rhythm to my writing schedule but I haven’t yet found my voice (or my niche).  I definitely have blogs that I read every day and wish that I could be like but I know that I need to do my own thing. 

I am starting to know what I am not.  I am not a full time food blogger.  I love to share my experiences with food but I don’t always do the cooking so explaining the recipes can be a bit daunting.  I hope that someday I can convince the Husband to guest write some food posts as a guest but he isn’t quite on board with that.

I am not a health/fitness blogger.  I would love to be but for me, my relationship with the gym and healthy living has definitely been an on again/off again relationship.  Once again, I like to clue everyone in on what I am thinking and doing but I don’t have a lifestyle to share, let alone emulate.

I am also not a mommy blogger, political blogger, activist blogger, fashion blogger, or any other kind of blogger.  There are a lot of things that I am not an expert in but I may still chime in from time to time.

What I do know is that I really love documenting what I do so that I can share my exciting experiences and firsts with everyone, including friends and family far away.  I love to have an excuse to take pictures of everything so that I have blog fodder.  I would really like to find my voice and I definitely think that it will be a journey.  I love reading blogs like Healthy Tipping Point and Young House Love because they seem so accomplished.  I also love to read newer blogs of writers trying to find their own voice. 

I know that I have goals for my blog.  I would love to make some better sections, update my about me section, and make the blog as a whole look more professional (and more me!)  I would like to self-host and I would love to hire someone to design a page for me.  I would love to connect with other bloggers I read IRL and I would love to be able to make some meaningful connections through my sharing.  I have found such a great community full of interesting voices, new recipes, and wonderful advice.  I hope that this blog, if nothing else, leads to meaningful and impactful relationships. 

I would love to someday be able to make a career out of sharing my opinion but for now I will write during my lunch breaks at work and after work outs late in the evening.  I will hopefully be chronicling my return back to the academic world next year, and I will continue to pull over at the scenic overlook to take pictures of the snow!


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Day Two of my new attitude!

So today has been going pretty well.  I clued the Husband in on my “new attitude” plan and now if my tone gets a little sour, he reminds me.  It’s helpful, so far.  Last night it was off to racqetball.  I am not any good at it but the Husband and I like to have something to do together.  We played two games at the end of the night (around 8:45) and went home and cuddled in.  I don’t really like working out late but sometimes you have to if you want to fit it in.


This morning it was up and at ’em early.  I had to cover the early shift at work (only an extra hour).  We got up and got moving and the first 4 hours flew by!  At lunch time, I was on my way to the park to take some pictures and get some fresh air when the Husband called.  He didn’t want his frozen meal and wanted to meet me for lunch.  How can I say no to a lunch date with my love?

My lunch was ok but definitely going back to the wraps instead of the sandwiches.  Service was ok but it was definitely nice to see the Husband mid day.  We made plans for the evening and talked about the upcoming festivities.  Nice to be able to accomplish things over lunch.  On my way back to the office, I was treated to a fabulous view.  I’ll end with some beautiful front range photos!  Happy Mid Week!

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Blogging for the sake of blogging…

So November is NaBloPoMo and I am participating.  We are four days in and this has definitely been a busy week without the having to write every day aspect.  The hardest thing that I have run into is finding something of importance to write about.  I can generally sit on the couch and say “I should write about that…” but I generally forget about it and never do it.  I think that I need to write the whole thing down as I think about it.  I generally jot down the idea but forget the meat of the issue before I get to it.  Definitely a goal for this month!  The second hardest thing has been to write and post without the internet at home!  I think that this has been resolved but you can never be too sure!

I am definitely going to be spending the next month finding my niche and writing about anything that strikes me.  There are so many things that are on my off limits list that it definitely narrows down the parts of my life that I talk about.  Generally, it’s the 4 hour segment at the end of my day and my weekend time.  I try not to talk about work, coworkers, family (when it comes to personal issues), I don’t mention my husband by name and I definitely don’t talk about his job.  That leaves projects at home, outings and date nights, accomplishments in my personal life, and recipes we try.  Seems like a pretty short list…  I think I will have to work on that as I progress through the month.

Thankfully, I should have some great material for this weekend!  We plan on cleaning and painting our master bathroom.  We have gone with Valspar “Granite Dust”.  I am hoping that with the white fixtures and white tile in our bathroom, this color won’t come out too dark. 

Valspar Granite Dust -- cool neutral -- gray with blue undertone Photo from here!

I also think that due to the snow this week (and the week before) the farmer’s market will be sparse this week.  I can’t think of anything we need but I feel like we should go as it is the last one.  Luckily, the winter market is already planned and we can start planning our holiday gifts!

Does this not sound like fun?

 What keeps you blogging (or coming back to read a blog?)?


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