Let the countdown begin

So ready to get this party started!! Everyone arrives tonight and tomorrow to celebrate our amazing friends getting married on Saturday! And I am so excited to host a group of lovely ladies at our house for a party and some drinks after dinner tomorrow. Our house was still a bonafide disaster area when IContinue reading “Let the countdown begin”

One more night on the air mattress…

So after a few nights on the air mattress, a few inches of snow, and several dog filled days at work we are all feeling a bit worn out! Maggie can’t even keep her eyes open on the drive home. Luckily, she likes the extra chair next to my desk. Wish I could fall asleepContinue reading “One more night on the air mattress…”

Monday goals

Definitely need my mid-day pick me up today.  After painting yesterday, most of my muscles are very sore.  Needless to say, we spent our morning free time hanging hardware and curtain rods.  Tonight I will do touch ups and move forward.  I am sure I will find spots I want to touch up all weekContinue reading “Monday goals”