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Almost the weekend!

Happy Thursday!  When I got out of bed this morning I was trying to figure out how we were already nearing the end of the week. I was able to successfully help get the Husband out the door this morning but quickly realized that we had no milk, eggs, or lunch items.  I got myself together and headed out with plans to stop by Whole Foods.  I usually don’t stop there but they are the only store that has a fully stocked lunch selection before work.  I grabbed a sandwich and juice for lunch and a Green Smoothie for breakfast.  Surprisingly kept me full!

This is definitely how this week has felt!  Who’s ready for the weekend?



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We made it (half way)!

So today was another mid week day off.  I was still up when the Husband left (at 6:15!) and I still managed to do almost nothing today. 

My main objective today was to made Alton Brown’s Spiced Bread Pudding.  It is rated difficult on the Food Network website and from start to finish, including inactive time, it was a recipe that called for 9 hours and 45 minutes!  Holy Cow!  Once I drove around and gathered all of my ingredients, I dug in.  My kitchen was a mess.  I set up the custard before I headed to the Y for my fitness advising session.  I’ll get back to that…  Once I got back and got my Boule prepped, this is what I had sitting in my kitchen.  It looked a little on the gross side but smelled amazing!


After everything soaked up, I stuffed it all back in the bread bowl and baked the custard/bread mix.  I was so excited when it raised like a souffle.  I managed to complete a difficult recipe and the Husband asked for seconds!



Back to the fitness advising…  I met with one of the personal trainers to talk about Project Thrive and getting my plan together.  It sounds like the personal training program that they are starting in January isn’t going to work but Nick was convinced that I can do this with the tools I have and my already created buddy system (thanks, Love!).  I am really considering getting a heart rate monitor and spending the next 6 months hitting my goals!

One other big milestone today.   Maggie spent 50 minutes in her travel bag!  I did treats every 10 minutes and she actually fell asleep in there. 


I think that this trip is going to get easier.  The Husband and I have decided that 30-50 minutes every night before we leave.  Hopefully this will help all of us get over our travel anxiety when it comes to traveling with a pup.


As for tiny milestones, finally sewed on the Husband’s button!



Do you have any goals for the rest of the week?

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Pumpkin Pie in a Cupcake

Just wanted to post the step by steps to go with the recipe that I posted in the favorite recipe section!  I originally found this at kawaiiktsch.wordpress.com!

Pumpkin Pie Batter!

Little pumpkin pies are cooling!

Pumpkin Pies resting in the cupcake batter, not yet sealed in!

All baked and ready to frost!

The final product!

Make sure to try the recipe and let me know how it goes!!!


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