Does Monday have to be over?

  So the Husband and I have been able to enjoy a three day weekend at home.  We had plans to ski and go out on the town but we stayed pretty close.  On Saturday we did get to try Bookcliff Vineyards in Boulder.  We have encountered quite a few local wineries since moving hereContinue reading “Does Monday have to be over?”

Let’s set some priorities!

So now that we are more than half way through January, it’s time to start setting some small goals.  So here goes… Goal #1 Work out three times this week.  We have already planned on working out this afternoon.  Three seems like such a small number but I want to make sure it’s realistic! SOURCEContinue reading “Let’s set some priorities!”

Well that was … interesting

So yesterday I had the delightful opportunity again to spend some quality time with the pups yesterday doing nothing really but cleaning out the DVR.  It was amazing!  I did a little picking up, some light laundry, and stopped by the bank.  Even cleaned up the garden area a little.  However the majority the dayContinue reading “Well that was … interesting”