Welcome to Wineday Friday!

After a very long day yesterday.  I got into the office around 7:35 AM and I didn’t even get back to the office from my meeting until 5:50.  Then I had my drive home.  I felt like my whole afternoon had gotten away from me!  Needless to say I wasn’t really in the mood forContinue reading “Welcome to Wineday Friday!”

Does Monday have to be over?

  So the Husband and I have been able to enjoy a three day weekend at home.  We had plans to ski and go out on the town but we stayed pretty close.  On Saturday we did get to try Bookcliff Vineyards in Boulder.  We have encountered quite a few local wineries since moving hereContinue reading “Does Monday have to be over?”

Our (kind of) epic bike ride!

Before all the craziness of the family wedding starts in a few days, the Husband and I took advantage of the 85 degree day and the beautiful sunshine on Sunday and decided to conquer the St. Vrain Greenway.  I keep thinking that this bike ride is longer than it actually is so when I checkedContinue reading “Our (kind of) epic bike ride!”