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Are you recovering today?

Happy Monday!  We had a pretty low key weekend, even with the the holiday.  We had beers and whiskey drinks on the patio with friends to celebrate and then dinner at Martini’s!

Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup.  I could have eaten every last drop of this stuff!  AMAZING!

The Husband had braised Prime Rib Shephard’s Pie.  Also very tasty!

Unpictured: Amazing Snicker’s Pie dessert.  I was unable to get pictures before it was devoured.

And our midnight snack after a last minute decision to see a show at Left Hand.

Yesterday was pretty low key.  Walked the dog, ran errands, rested.

Today I started Couch to 5k!  It was nice to get out and move.







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Are you there, Spring?

Went out on a showing this morning and definitely had time to enjoy the beautiful sun and the little green buds.  While waiting outside, also noticed this tiny gnome in an otherwise empty garden.  Don’t know if he snuck in or if was there by design!

Mother Nature is definitely gearing up for St. Patty’s Day by putting the green out today!  So ready to get out and get my hands dirty in my own garden.

Tonight, I would love to walk Maggie but the dentist has his torture devices set up for me today!  They are trying out late night hours and I was lucky enough (dripping with sarcasm) to get an appointment.  Feel like I need a sedative to even get my teeth cleaned.

Hopefully, there is some pretty scenery out the window to look at… Wish me luck!

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