What a day!

So today we got off to a slow start but things got rolling quickly.  We did a shopping trip to Sam’s and the Natural Grocer’s. Everyone should support their local small grocer!  It’s great because we find all of the snacks we love and everything is priced so great!  We can get just about everyContinue reading “What a day!”

The train wreck you can’t turn away from!

So I did survive the dentist yesterday (barely).  Three minor cavities and lots of drilling.  No fun at all.  Once the Husband and I had made our way home from our respective appointments, we went out to enjoy the weather on the St. Vrain Greenway!  Beautiful ride. Once we got home a cleaned up, theContinue reading “The train wreck you can’t turn away from!”

Another great weekend!

We got the mandatory relaxing, binge eating, and cleaning out of the way this weekend.   We also did a great bike ride over to Left Hand this weekend where we met Michelle Blay of No Dough Colorado (http://nodoughcolorado.intuitwebsites.com/).  We had a great time taking the actual tour of the brewery and chatting about allContinue reading “Another great weekend!”