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Monday Suds: Hops and Handrails 2014

Hops and Handrails 2014 was definitely a different experience than 2013.  This year, I was in short sleeves and I ended up with a sunburn!  The beers were great, the competition was good, and the weather was perfect.  Take a look at the pictures!



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I think Colorado is confused…

So the beginning of the week required a heavier jacket and just a little seat warming action in the morning…  The sunrises were beautiful and I could comfortably take Maggie out in the morning.


The views outside my office are great.  No mountain picture here but the leaves are great!


And then this happened over night.  I’m not ready for snow and neither is my patio!  I always know it will snow the week before my birthday and somehow I am never ready.


And then the sun came out and melted the snow!  We were spared this time but next time it might stick around a little longer.


We are kicking off birthday weekend with a movie and a trip to the last farmer’s market.  What are you up to this weekend?


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One more night on the air mattress…

So after a few nights on the air mattress, a few inches of snow, and several dog filled days at work we are all feeling a bit worn out! Maggie can’t even keep her eyes open on the drive home. Luckily, she likes the extra chair next to my desk. Wish I could fall asleep in that chair sometimes! Just kidding (kind of…).

Now for some progress shots!

It will all be worth the hassle in the end! The first shot shows you why the Husband and I have not attempted to paint our living room on our own! Too tall and there is a definitely a fear of heights that runs rampant in our house! The second shot really shows off the color difference! The first words that came out of my mouth when we got home yesterday was that it looked like there was a hint of purple… Obviously the Husband than started to tell the world (or just his family) that I got away with painting ANOTHER room purple… It’s definitely grey but I know that isn’t the last I will hear of it.

On top of the crazy week we were already having, we also got lots of snow yesterday! Thankfully, the snow is out today and it should be all gone soon! Maggie isn’t really a fan of playing in the snow, just next to it. She is definitely a dainty pup and not interested in getting her paws wet. As you can see though, the snow didn’t stick to the cement. Now if only Spring would get here.

The nice thing out of the snow and the shuffling is that I was able to spend a few minutes outside this morning clearing my head. I was able to snap a photo of a budding tree with the last (I hope) of the snow. Here’s to the rest of the weekend being awesome!

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Happy Monday!

So first, I would like to say that I feel completed rested after my three day weekend.  I slept until about 8:30 Saturday and Sunday and spent some quality time with myself!  I think it was exactly what I needed to make myself feel whole again.While I didn’t quite accomplish my list of goals (and neither did the Husband) we definitely felt it was necessary to rest.

Secondly, I would like to say congratulations to the G-Men! 

It was a very exciting game and we had some very nice treats to go with it.  The Husband and I made Lightened Up Buffalo Chicken Dip from The Healthy Everythingtarian.

I think that this is my Husband’s snack of choice!  We make a full batch a portion it out into 4 oven safe dishes so we can grab them when we are craving something unhealthy!  We also picked up some cheeses from the Cheese Importers.  Small snacks throughout the game and now I’m stuffed.  Tomorrow I’m having a big salad for lunch!

This week I plan to be on my game at work, workout 4 times this week, take my vitamins, and have a date night with my husband!  Time to sit down with my calendar and get to planning.  What’s your plan this week?

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Happy Snow Day!

So today was a work from home/Snow day in the Boulder County area.  I had a nice time working on what I needed here in my comfortable office and with my own computer.The drift inside my window well was even full!



The office closed at noon so I don’t think I missed much and I was working from home.  A win/win in my eyes.


I also had a chance to work on the blanket for the daughter of the bartender at Left Hand who is leaving.  The Husband and I gave her a homemade quilt from my mom as well as the tie blanket that I put together.  It will be soooo sad to see Amber leave but I know she will be happy in Georgia too!


Tonight, we plan on a night of movie watching a popcorn.  We will be spending a quality 3 day weekend at home, relaxing and recuperating!

I went to bed signing “No School Tomorrow” from high school chorus class.  What about you?


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Welcome to the mid week slump!

 Actually, I mean Happy Wednesday!! I am still trying to keep my positive attitude going. I had yesterday off and managed to accomplish a list of chores I had left for myself. I caught up on some projects and definitely checked some large items off!

It was a pretty icy and crappy morning so I was glad I didn’t have to drive in. The Husband attempted the drive in the morning but turned around once he started sliding. He went to the office later in the day. I showered and put pajamas back on and got to work!

Most of these goals were done with Maggie by my side. She was sooo cuddly all day. Once the sun came out, she was in the window watching the neighbors.

Also, new favorite addiction: NATURALLY FLAVORED WATER!  I drank lime soda water all day!

We did manage to hit the gym in the evening. The January Joiners are definitely in full swing (with very loud kids in tow!). If the Husband and I had a choice, we would definitely consider other gyms but this is the closest one to our house. There were no cardio machines and a bazillion screaming kids upstairs. I actually considered complaining at the desk as most of them were under 5 and unattended. Tonight we are going right at 5:30 and tomorrow we are going in the morning for racquetball. I had mentioned before that the Husband and I can’t agree on a work out time. As a compromise, we will do both! I agree with him that weekday evenings are too much of a hassle so mornings may be our only option for a while.

On a side note, I signed up for the Blend Retreat! The schedule came out and I am so excited. Definitely need to accomplish some of my fitness goals before the retreat comes around or the rest of the group will leave me in the dust!

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Winter Wonderland!

Happy December 1st!

So as you can see, we woke up this morning to a white December.  I am not always a fan of snow (or leaving my house under any snowy condition) but being it is December 1st, snow is something to be excited about!  I think that tonight, I will do a little cleaning and a little more decorating. 

The side effect of snow is it took my 90 minutes to get to work instead of 25.  It’s tough coming in when the roads are ok but everyone insists on driving 10 miles per hour “just in case”.  My new tires give me confidence but the clearing roads are not too bad.  I still hear there are accidents but I am not worried.  I am a careful driver with two hands on the wheel!

Thankfully, there are some nice trees around my office so I felt like I should go and capture some Holiday spirit.  The snow will be even nicer tonight when we can see it on all of the Christmas lights.  Wish my camera took better night pictures.  At least the Husband and I can enjoy them on a walk this evening with the pups (dressed warmly in her sweater!).




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