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Let the countdown begin

So ready to get this party started!! Everyone arrives tonight and tomorrow to celebrate our amazing friends getting married on Saturday! And I am so excited to host a group of lovely ladies at our house for a party and some drinks after dinner tomorrow. Our house was still a bonafide disaster area when I left for work today and I am hoping we can pull it together in 5 hours.


I swear there is a floor (and an air mattress) under there! At least The Husband’s office is done and so is most of the kitchen so it’s just the rest of the house….


If we don’t get everything done, we’ll just have to put up this sign on the door!



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Over the weekend, the Husband and I travelled home to Iowa.  We got to spend time with our families for our birthdays as well as spend some time at a great wedding!  I had a great time at the festivities leading up to the event as well as the big day!  We did some non-wedding stuff but I thought I would share some snippets from the wedding stuff!  Very unique henna party and then a Star Wars wedding.


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Wedding Weekend

Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago...

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So I finally posted my own wedding photos and it’s time for my sister’s wedding already. 

Shawn and I will get up and travel super early in the morning to spend less than 48 hours in Chicago to help my sister and her beau celebrate their wedding. 

When we got married, everyone got an itinerary, list of duties, and a some food!  Mandy’s wedding is more fly by the seat of your pants!  My little sister still doesn’t have a real schedule.  I don’t know when (or where) we are getting ready, what we are having for dinner, and what she needs me to do as her attendant.  It’s just about Love and being in Chicago!

Weddings tend to bring up a lot of emotion.  For me, I am overwhelmed at how fast my family is changing.  Shawn and I have just been married for 3 months, Shawn’s brother is getting married next spring, and my little sister is getting married in just over 24 hours.  Our family is growing yet I feel like we are just growing up and apart.  My sister and I were never really bonded at the hip (at least not by choice) and when we were on the same college campus, we didn’t spend a lot of time together.  Now that we are several states away, the occasional phone call takes care of the necessities.  I think Shawn and his brother are the same way as they are almost 5 years apart in age.  I just hope to get to know the new members of my family and find the things that I love about them soon.

All of these nuptials have also eliminated travel and vacations for us this year as all available funds will be going to family obligations.  This has made me frustrated.  I try not to blame my lack of European vacation on my family but I am not sure where else to put it.  I just have to accept it and move on.

Hopefully this weekend with friends, boat rides, and Chicago will make for an adventure with lots of pictures on Monday!  Have a great weekend!

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