Is it Wineday Friday already?

So no new wine this week.  We have been super busy and not really sitting down to enjoy any new vino.  Promise that I will be back tomorrow.  Here are some links to some previous days in case you are looking for a good weekend suggestion. Wineday Friday : Villa M Rosso Wineday Friday: StumpContinue reading “Is it Wineday Friday already?”

Wineday Friday: Your friend and mine

  Charles Shaw!  We all know him better as Two Buck Chuck found at your very special Trader Joe’s.  We don’t have a TJ’s yet in our area but we always stop on a road trip.  And before that, we kindly asked the Husband’s parents to pick up a case (or 3).  If you don’tContinue reading “Wineday Friday: Your friend and mine”